Vote For America’s Future!

by CJFosdick on October 16, 2016

For any of you who are still undecided on whom to vote for, here are some thoughts to help you make up your mind:

This election is so much more important than elections of the past, because it can affect America’s future for years to come, perhaps forever. I am talking about the American Constitution written about 235 years ago and preserved through time by the actions and decisions of the Supreme Court. As the years went by, two views of Constitution developed, and with most things in America, they are along the Conservative and Progressive ideology. At the present time, the Court is missing one member because of death of one of the strongest Constitutional judges on the court and now the court has just eight justices, instead of nine, which has deadlocked the Supreme Court.

The Constitution

Now to explain a little further:

The Conservative view is a Firm belief in the Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers. The Constitution is not a document to be changed by whims or modern interpretations; it is not a document to be influenced by foreign laws and/or current customs. It is the American Constitution, the basis of American law, rights, and freedoms, and should stay as written unless amended in the way set forth in the Constitution itself. There have been only twenty-seven Amendments to the Constitution, which otherwise remains as originally adopted. These amendments include the Bill of Rights, which cannot be changed in any way, even by a Constitutional Amendment. Most conservatives, including Donald Trump, believe this. He has named 21 possible replacement judges to fill the missing member’s postal with a strong Constitutional background and beliefs. More, there might be as many as five replacements needed in the next few years because of the advanced age of many judges. Most Conservatives believe Trump has made good solid choices.

The Progressive view is Obama’s view, as seen below: “(My view) of the Constitution — that it is not static, but rather a living document and must be read in the context of an ever-changing world.” (Obama in his book, Audacity of Hope.) Most liberals, including Hillary Clinton, believe that the Constitution as written is out of date and must be molded to fit a modern, changing world. She to date has made no suggestions for judge replacements, so we have no idea of whom she might pick, except for some of her ideas on what she wants to change in the court. Below is a partial list of how Obama has changed the Constitution and Hillary wants to change it even more. I will concentration on the Bill of Rights. (Of course many of these changes has gone on for years, but I believe America is at a tipping point that Hillary will compound with even more, because she is a self-proclaimed third term of the Obama presidency.

•2nd Amendment — The right of individuals to keep and bear arms*
•1st Amendment — The Right to Freedom of Speech
•1st Amendment — The right to Believe as we Want without government interference or pressure.
•1st Amendment — The right to peaceful assembly and petition for what we believe, even if it is against our government or our leaders.
•10th Amendment — States Rights: Specifies rights of the Federal Government and that everything else is left up to the states; it is meant to the keep the Federal government from exceeding its power.

There are many more, such a right of the unborn, trends toward socialism, and oppressive rules and regulations, but I wanted to emphasize these in the Bill of Rights.

In the 8 years of the Obama Presidency, inroads in all of these rights have been have been taken that have weakened all of these rights from Freedom of Speech to the Power of the Federal Government. Our Freedom of Speech has been diminished through the years, our Religious Freedoms are under constant attack, and the Power of the Federal Government has grown tremendously as Obama has ignored Congress, belittled Republicans, made laws with executive power, many of which have been ruled unconstitutional.

*The reason why I put the 2nd Amendment first is because many EXPERTS BELIEVE THAT IT IS THE 2ND AMENDMENT IS WHAT PROTECTS THE OTHER RIGHTS THAT AMERICANS ENJOY. Perhaps this is why Progressives want to badly to do away the citizens’ right to keep and bear guns — to continue to give “We the People” the means to protect our rights against a Federal Government that grows too strong. (In Germany, before World War II, Hitler initiated strict gun laws, including gun registration. It was easy after that for the government to confiscate guns, leaving the German people unprotected and unable to keep any rights. If you remember, Hitler was a brutal dictator)

Look at the list above. Which of these rights would you p

ersonally want to do without? Your right to worship as you please? Your right to own a gun to protect yourself? Your right to criticize the president without fear of imprisonment or even death? Sound farfetched? If no one puts a stop to what is already happening, America as we know it with side over the cliff. The progressive trend in America that Obama has championed and Hillary wants to continue is so dangerous.

Even if you don’t care for Trump personally, put your personal opinions aside and vote for America’s future. VOTE TRUMP! Make sure we get Supreme Court judges we need to keep OUR CHERISHED FREEDOMS STRONG! AMERICA IS WORTH SAVING.


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