35 Blind Mice: Why Am I Not Surprised?

by CJFosdick on September 11, 2015

35 Blind Mice, 35 blind mice,
See how they run, see how they run?
They all ran away from the President
Who twisted their tails until they were bent.
Have you ever seen such a sight in your life?
As 35 blind mice, with bent tails yet!

What in blazes am I talking about? The Democratic Senators who capitulated to President Obama and pledged to vote with him to support his veto on the bill from Congress to not pass the Iran Nuclear Deal. The 35th Democratic Senator to support the President announced her decision a few days ago, the exact number needed to support the President’s veto. Since then, at least two other Senators announced their intention to support the President. Obama seems to have the power to pull strings or twist tails and get what he wants no matter what. Why I am I not surprised?

Obama has his ways of demanding and getting complete loyalty from his party. It is no secret that Obama considers this deal with Iran as a major part of his legacy. He, as usual with him, had some very dubious way of reaching an agreement with Iran. First, the deadline for signing was extended time and again, until finally an agreement was finally reached. Throughout these extensions, Obama appeared to the general public to be frantic to get a deal, any deal. Also he did not have any discussions that I am aware of with either the Senate or the House, which means that basically two men — Obama and John Kerry, Secretary of State, made a deal with the foremost terrorist country in the world, a country that calls America the “Big Satan”, pledges regularly to annihilate Israel, and then destroy America.
All this hinges on whether or not Iran can get an atomic weapons program.

Second, once an agreement was reached, instead of taking the deal to Congress for approval as is standard in such deals, Obama took it to the United Nations, who approved it unanimously. Now he can brag to everyone that the whole world approves of his deal. Then, with this power of support in Obama’s back pocket he finally took the deal to Congress.

Third, the majority of Americans, many in Congress, especially Republicans, but a significant number of Democrats, absolutely do not trust the Iranians and therefore do not trust Obama/Kerry’s deal with Iran. Iran has lied and cheated on deals in the past. We cannot trust them.

Fourth, we then began to hear about “side-deals” of this arrangement — secret deals signed between Iran and whoever. It is my understanding that no one, maybe not even Kerry has read of these deals. They seem to be quite secret, and no one knows what they contain, although rumors have flown for months now. These involve such important matters as verification of the terms. For example, us Americans have been led to believe that in these side deals, Iran can self-monitor their own program rather that the IAEA. Also the Iranians will have 27 days notice to allow inspectors into sites to investigate atomic activity, giving Iran time to hide evidence, although there are some experts that say evidence of atomic activity cannot be hidden. How can we out here in everyday America tell what the truth is or not? There re a lot more complications and things to consider about this deal than there are jelly beans in a gallon jar.

Anyway, Obama says he will veto any bill passed to cancel this agreement. I understand he has talked to Democrats, made phone calls, given speeches, twisted tails, anything he can do to get enough on his side to back his veto. The thirty-five blind mice above now gives him enough to enforce his veto.

Why do I call them blind? Because frankly, I believe most them are voting to back the president without even thinking through the problems created by this deal. Perhaps I should say without even thinking. Of course, they have the right to vote as they wish, but is not just a regular law. This is one that can impact the very future of the world. It should be junked and go back to the drawing board and know for such what a momentous deal as this really contains.

As Americans, we not only have the right to know, but also the duty to find out and be informed. Then we have the right and the duty to inform our elected officials how we feel. And we have the right to stop Obama in his tracks if he is selling us down the river to enhance hi own legacy. I mean, what legacy will he have if he starts World War !!!. And this looks quite possible to me!


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