Insurmountable Odds: The Media’s War on Trump

by CJFosdick on November 7, 2016

From the time Donald Trump declared he was going to run for the Presidency of the United States about eighteen months ago, no one gave him a chance, certainly not most of the media here in America. He was not even given a possibility back then. The media took his efforts as a joke; they were constantly reporting on something Trump said, often taken out of context, making it more shocking than it really was. Yet, Trump caught on! The crowds loved him, and were wildly enthusiastic about his ideas. Trump monopolized the press. Story after story ran about him, mostly shocking and negative, that gave the America public a pretty skewed picture of who Donald Trump really was.

Even the conventions of the Republicans and Democrats were not without controversy for Trump. At the Republican Convention, for example, several prominent Republicans chose not to attend. One such Republican did give a speech but failed to endorse Trump. He ended his speech with the words, “Vote your conscience”.

In the Democrat Convention, Trump is condemned still today for running down an American gold star couple whose son had died in war. The father, Khizr Khan excoriated Donald at great lengths on stage of the Convention and even pulled a copy of the Constitution out of his pocket and asked sarcastically if Donald had read it that left the audience with a very negative picture of Trump. Trump defended himself, and this caused yet another Trump scandal that lasts to this day. I found out later that Kahn is actually a Muslim, believes in Allah, and his, Kahn’s, speech was a gift from Allah. He said that he believes that Sharia Law is more powerful than the American Constitution — so the entire premise at the Democratic Convention was a big lie. (Jim Hoft, Aug 5, 2016) I fact-check this and found out it was true that Kahn is a Muslim and he does believe in Sharia law.

With the primaries now over, it was Trump against Hillary, and boy, did things get low-down and dirty. It became obvious right off that the majority of the press wanted Hillary to win and Trump to lose. They made no bones about it. Studies have shown that press stories are twenty to one against Trump. Ninety-one percent of Trump coverage on the evening news has been negative. Negative stories on air have spent 623 minutes running Trump down to 63 minutes negative stories on Hillary. Scandals about Trump have spent 343 minutes to 117 minutes on Hillary.  One might say that there wasn’t that much scandalous information on Hillary, but actually everyday with new scandals arising daily, there have been many not mentioned that the press could have talked about, but hasn’t, especially with Wicki Leaks releasing copies of emails from the Clinton campaign headquarters. This shows another way the media slants its stories against Trump, by ignoring and not reporting negative news on Hillary, although the American people should know of this information. This is cherry-picking what news to report.

Another area of constant attacks on Trump are innuendos, partial truths and downright lies perpetuated by the Hillary camp. For example, someone got one or two pages of Trump’s income tax records back in the 1990s, which showed that Trump had lost almost a billion dollars on his gambling investments, and took a legal deduction for this loss, which could be deducted over a number of years. Of course she has no proof of this. She is also fond of saying that she can’t understand how anyone could possible lose almost a billion dollars in one year. What is she doing — saying Trump a lied his income tax form? There is actually no proof of either, but that’s the tale made by Hillary and perpetuated by the press. A great big stink has been raised because Trump has not released his income tax records. Why should he? When they got their hands on one tax form back in the 1990s, they are still criticizing Trump about this one form.

When none of these attacks against Trump seemed to phase his supporters, the media pulled out their ace in the hole — a tape from the past some eleven years old where Trump was caught in some off the record “locker room” talk that seemed to shock everyone. Republicans deserted Trump like rats deserting a sinking ship, proudly exclaiming their shock and upset. Of course the press was right in the thick if it, building the scandal to higher and higher towers of hate and disgust for Trump. It was just a couple of days later that the press began to parade women that told tales of Trump groping and forcing them to kiss him, one or two women a day. This gave the general public the picture of Trump as a womanizer. Nothing proved; nothing seriously even considered as true, no reports to the law then or now, but it was effective. Interestingly, no one came forward who said he had done anything to any woman in the last ten years or so. This seems quite odd to me.

As election day approaches, and hype and attacks rise to a fever pitch, the media and the Hillary Camp have redoubled their efforts to smear Trump, even calling him names like Fascist and Hitler. They say that he has ties to Putin although no proof   has been found.  They say he is racist, stiffs the common workers, doesn’t pay his bills, he is a phony, doesn’t give money to charity he claims he does, hates women, hates minorities, and never built the Trump Company he claims he did or made the fortune he claims he made. On and on it has gone. Americans are sick of it and most just wish the election over. Well it almost is.

The media might have won. We won’t know until after the election. The media certainly has placed insurmountable odds in Trump’s path. They tried their best to destroy him. But whatever the outcome of the election, Donald Trump has shown the American people who he really is. The more the press attacked him, the more he fought back, the stronger he became, and the more he seemed to many like he is bigger than life — a modern day hero. Who has started a movement showing Americans how corrupt our government has become.  It is time to drain the swamp.


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