Part 2: The Shocking Power of George Soros

by CJFosdick on September 17, 2016

In 1995, Soros made a large donation to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which later released a paper entitled “Rethinking International Drug Control.” Writer A.M. Rosenthal in The New York Times wrote then that the paper was “so negative in substance and tone about United States efforts to stem drug use, production and distribution that it amounts to an invitation to drop those efforts.”

Since the 1990s, Soros has become far more aggressive in his approach to alter the political landscape. Soros pushed Wisconsin Senator Feingold and Arizona Senator John McCain to reform campaign finance laws with their 2002 McCain-Feingold Act, which then allowed Soros to give “the most money donated by an individual in an election cycle,” according to the Washington Post.

Soros transformed the way donors give to Democratic Party causes by forming “527” and “501c” tax-exempt nonprofit corporations that would be the recipients of large gifts rather than the candidates or the party itself. This was is a way of going around former campaign finance laws that restricted special interests.*

Soros is committed to the causes of globalism, in which bodies such as the UN would dictate countries’ (including the U.S.’s) laws. Soros has made it known that he would like the U.S. to play less of a role in the world’s affairs, leading to a likely devaluation of the U.S. dollar. In the early 1990s, Soros famously made a bet against the value of the British pound, allowing him to profit to the tune of $1 billion in a single day.

Prominent Democrats such as Hillary Clinton (to whom Soros donated $2 million in 2015) have praised Soros, with the former Secretary of State saying, “we need people like George Soros, who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts.”

Bill Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbot called Soros “a national treasure,” and brought Soros on board a team helping Russia transition to a market economy. Later, Soros admitted to insider trading involving a Russian oil company. Soros boasted, “I have great access in the Clinton administration. We practically work together as a team.”

In 2008 and 2012, Soros was a major donor to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama, calling Obama “someone with the charisma and vision to radically reorient America.”

Only days after Obama was elected, Soros was quoted as saying, “I think we need a large stimulus package which will provide funds for state and local government to maintain their budgets, because they are not allowed by the Constitution to run a deficit. For such a program to be successful, the federal government would need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars… In total, the cost would be between $300 billion and $600 billion range.”

What was one of

Obama’s first acts as president? A $787 billion stimulus bill. Who was responsible for the crafting of the bill? A group called The Apollo Alliance. Where did The Apollo Alliance get most of its funding? From The Tides Foundation, which in turn is funded by Soros.
The above examples and connections are only a small fraction of the total number that can be cited. To really be given justice, a full article on these subjects would need to be 10 times as long.

Suffice it to say, however, that the long tentacles of George Soros and his OSF beneficiaries can be felt throughout today’s Democratic government and its globalist policies.

The only way to ensure that the stranglehold influence of Soros does not continue to corrupt American society is to vote for conservative, anti-globalist forces such as GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in November. Eventually, like fellow globalist and billionaire David Rockefeller, Soros will pass away. But for now, his corrupting clout can be strongly felt in the heart of the country’s politics. 


 Mark Patricks 

Copyright LOP Solutions, LLC.

**Some of the organizations Soros and his OSF have funded include:

The Arab-American Institute

The Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Progressives for the American Way,

Democracy for America,

Project VOTE,

Media Matters,
The Feminist Majority Foundation,

National Public Radio

The Center for Constitutional Rights
The National Abortion Federation,

Catholics for Choice,

The Council of La Raza,

The New America Foundation,

The Institute for Policy Studies,

The Tides Foundation,
The Urban Institute.


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