Tea Party Candidates: Thoughts on Winning Elections

by CJFosdick on October 15, 2010

Conservative Issues: The 2010 Mid-Term Elections cont’d
“We must demand the highest order of integrity in our public men.”
Theodore Roosevelt

This question came up recently as some Republicans viewed Christine O’Donnell’s win with concern. When voting for someone, which is more important to consider, electability of the candidate or the principles of the candidate? These Republicans were questioning O’Donnell’s electability in a general election. It gets back to the age-old question; does the end justify the means? If you accomplish the end you desire, does it matter how you got to this end? Or, put another way, if you don’t accomplish your end, are you better off if you stayed with your principles, or if you used any means available to try and win?

Most Tea Party candidates are distinctly conservative in outlook. This is what sets them apart from other politicians. They often stand on principles and are not influenced that much by down and dirty politics that seem to be needed to get elected in our mean-spirited-go-negative politics of today. It is often said that the public doesn’t like negative attacks, but doggone it, they work.

One reason I believe John McCain lost the 2008 presidential election is because he refused to go negative while his opponent wasn’t held back by any such scruples. I respect John more as a man than if he had used negative attacks, but on the other hand, America would probably have been much better off if John were president now.

I go back in my thinking to Theodore Roosevelt. He was a man of strong principles. He firmly believed that America’s leaders need to be people of honesty and integrity. To have a leader representing America that is unscrupulous or devious weakens America, both here at home and abroad. Carried to extremes, look at leaders such as Ahmadinejad or Hugo Chavez. These men are so corrupt, they have soiled their own countries in the eyes of the world. Look at what Obama is doing to America’s reputation overseas. Every chance he gets, he runs America down to the rest of the world. To his own people, Obama is getting more and more of a reputation being a liar, because it has become obvious that we Americans cannot believe anything Obama says. He changes what he has pledged before the 2008 election at every whim and with every audience.

To answer my own question, I believe Tea Party Candidates must stay with their conservative principles, that if they do not, they become no better than the establishment politicians that Americans are finding so odious in the current political scene. If Tea Party Candidates become less principled to win, they will so disillusion their supporters, the average folks, causing many to completely lose hope.

Yes, there is a lot at stake in the upcoming election — possibly the saving of America. But to become a politician as usual, an unscrupulous win-at-any-cost-and- by-any-means type will completely defeat the whole surge of the ground-roots swell of the Tea Party Folks to take hold of our country again. IF WE FELT DISINFRANCHIZED BEFORE, WHAT WILL WE FEEL IF THE VERY PEOPLE WE SUPPORT ARE NO BETTER THAN THOSE WE NOW HAVE IN OFFICE?

I am not saying that all establishment politicians are dishonest, or that they gained their office through unethical actions. Far from it. But what I am saying, I believe honesty and integrity are very important in our elected officials, and the candidates we folks support need to stay true to their own beliefs. If this loses them the election, we the people will still have a shining example of an honest politician. And there will be elections in the future. If the Tea Party candidates become tarnished with dirty politics, we the people will not support them in the future.

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Nora Smith January 10, 2011 at 10:20 pm

These are some great articles you’ve written. What is the ‘Tea Party’? Is it different from the conservative/republican party?


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