A Nationalized Healthcare Program: Outrageous Things Obama Said

by CJFosdick on July 10, 2009

“American healthcare is not as good as in other countries, yet 50% more is paid in America for our healthcare compared to these other countries.” So said Obama on 6/26/09 in ABC’s Special on a Nationalized Healthcare Program. Obama continued: “Everybody knows that Medicare and Veterans Administration Healthcare programs are good programs giving better care than private practice plans.” Gee, I didn’t know that. Everybody knows these programs are rift with bureaucratic regulations and fraud. Half the American doctors don’t even take Medicare patients because of all the paperwork and other bureaucratic problems connected with the program, that and because they get paid less than with private insurance. Healthcare Political Economic Issues affect every American. We do not need a Nationalized Healthcare Program.

These outrageous things Obama said are flagrantly dishonest. Nearly every expert says American healthcare is the best in the world. It is not the quality of our care that is in question; it is the cost. And I personally cannot understand, even after 1½ hours listening to Obama give details, how a government-run healthcare program can improve what we have now.  Our healthcare is not broken, nor is it in crisis. This is not to say the healthcare and insurance costs should not be lowered. But a nationalized healthcare program is NOT the answer.  So what has driven the cost of healthcare so high? There are four reasons:

•AN AGING POPULATION. Within five years, seventy million baby boomers will retire, leaving the workforce, and getting on Medicare. Medicare is already over-strained with expenses because of the shrinking work force that pays the Medicare bills. Right now, there are about four workers paying into Medicare for one retiree. Within five years there will be about two workers per retiree. Obama has not addressed this issue. He says that about half the costs paid now in Medicare can be trimmed from the budget. How? He hasn’t given examples, but keep in mind, we get what we pay for.

•INCREASING LIFE EXPECTANCY: People are living longer. This automatically adds to healthcare costs. When most people died by age sixty-five, there were not as many people on the Medicare rolls. Today, life expectancy in America is seventy-seven giving an average of twelve more years a person might live, and these are the years people need more healthcare than when they were young. This automatically means more expense for each recipient, not less as Obama is forecasting.

•THE 47 MILLION UNINSURED: These fall into several groups. First are the people who can pay for health insurance, but for one reason or another, choose not to. There are those who don’t have the money for health insurance. I understand that many of these are eligible for Medicaid, but have never signed up. It would make more sense for government workers to get these people signed up, rather than start a new, unneeded Nationalized Healthcare Program. Lastly, this group includes people here in America who came illegally and are not American citizens. Why give them free healthcare?

•MASSIVE, OUT-OF-CONTROL, MEDICAL MALPRACTICE LAWSUITS: Tort reform putting limits on how much money a person can get from a medical lawsuit would greatly cut the cost of healthcare, but Obama has gone on record as being against this. However, many states have set such limits. Lawyers are getting rich with malpractice suits at the expense of doctors and patients. Look at John Edwards and the millions he got with medical malpractice suits. This is NOT RIGHT!

AMERICANS BEWARE! This timely political economic issue will be voted on before Congress takes its August break. OBAMA ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEES THIS.

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