Who in the Blazes is Carol Fosdick?

Who the Blazes is Carol Fosdick?

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I was born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1939. When I was young, my family would walk to church, memorizing Bible verses. We had sold our car during World War II because tires and gasoline were rationed. In fact, most of my early memories are of the war: the blackouts, victory gardens, steel drives, buying war bonds, and saving everything for the war effort, even bacon grease. I could not have been older than three when I remember my mother saying that if the Germans got to America, she would take out a few before they killed her. My mother, who valued human life more than anything! Soda pop and candy bars were a nickel, and I remember my first piece of gum. My grandfather gave it to me after the war and told me take care of it, because it was hard to get. Religion and patriotism is at the very soul of who Carol Fosdick is.

Here is some more information about who I am, the intrinsic me, the things I value:

Love of horses — I galloped and whinnied my way through childhood. I drew and painted horses from my earliest years. My love of horses continues today and is seen in my novels, especially my third, I Ride a Wild Horse and my art.

•Art — My second love is art. I majored in art at Colorado State University and taught art in public schools for thirty-three years. I later got my Masters in Art Education at the University of Santa Barbara. Through the years, I developed a professional line of western art for sale, often of horses. I still paint horses, set in the grandeur of the western scene. To think of Carol Fosdick, one must realize that art is an integral part of my life.

•Wife, mother, and grandmother — My husband, Ray, and I have “walked in double harness” for half a lifetime, our love deepening as the years have gone by. We raised three children, a boy and two girls, who are now grown with families of their own. It is fulfilling to have those tiny infants you once held in your arms now productive adults raising their own children in the manner they were raised, to be accountable and honest future citizens. As the years encroach on my life, I realize my days here on earth are numbered, but a part of me will live on through my grandchildren. They are testimonies of my existence.

•Love of the West and things Western — Rural life is buried deep in me. My husband, Ray, and I moved to a small town of less than a thousand in western Colorado and have lived there forty-five years. Here, in addition to both teaching, we bought a ranch, so I not only have experience in, but love for ranch and rural life. There is no better place to raise children, and we, with our children, worked together on chores such as haying, branding, and birthing stock. Ranching was a family affair. We have sold the ranch, but still raise miniature horses.

•Born to be a teacher — When I was in high school, I said the last thing I would be was a teacher. Guess what? I loved my years in the classroom. In addition to art, I taught English and history. I cannot picture my spending my life any other way than teaching. The students were “my kids.” They helped make me the person I have become.

•Living handicapped — When I was thirty, my feet suddenly went bad and walking and standing became painful. I am lucky. I still have feet and can walk. Many can’t. Our family altered our lifestyle, but not our horizons, and we still continue to enjoy the great outdoors, to travel, and to expand our lives. Teaching with a handicap made me more empathetic and compassionate for children with differences, even my “obnoxious weeds” the little strays in my classroom. Teaching has been a rich and rewarding career for me.

•My new passion, writing: After I retired from teaching, I began to write. By far, writing is the most engrossing, rewarding, and demanding experience I have ever had. I have published three novels, The Other Son, Ripples in the Water, and I Ride a Wild Horse, a trilogy taking place in the Great Depression. My books are from the heart. They tell of not only of many of my own experiences, but also of my own personal vision, my deep patriotism, my love of things rural, and my profound religious faith. I am now expanding my writing into new directions, working on poetry, essays, and short stories, and recently, political articles. In fact, for the recent election, I was a ghost writer of messages for publication for the McCain/Palin ticket.

This gives you an idea of who I am, what I am about, and why I want to interest you in my writing.

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Kathryn Tyler December 29, 2008 at 10:55 pm

I wonder if you might consider looking at this Reagan Conservative petition I recently started which reprimands liberal Republican politicians (RINOs) and demands a return to Reagan Conservatism.

If you agree with it, I’d love it if you signed it and passed it on. Here’s the link:


Kathryn Tyler (Proud Reagan Conservative and tired of Republican compromisers)


Ray Crump March 21, 2012 at 6:29 am

This is my first visit and I am impressed with what I see. I was born in Pueblo in 1957, Mom and Dad moved there from Concordia, Kansas shortly after being married so Dad could make the ‘big bucks’ working at CF&I. After he was laid off when I was about 9 months old they moved back to Concordia so I subsequently graduated from high school there and also attended KSU. My folks moved back to Colorado in 1982 and I joined them after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corp in 1984. I currently live in Arvada, CO. I like your opinions and what I see and would love to share them with friends but don’t see any social network connections (ie Facebook) on your site. I looked at your ‘subscribe’ but am not computer literate enough to figure out what to do. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear back from you as your busy schedule allows. Much thanks,


CJFosdick March 25, 2012 at 9:30 am

You bet. I was born in Pueblo, went to Sommerlid Grade School, went to High School at Centennial, and then to Pueblo Junior College for two years, and then went to Colorado State University, graduating in 1962. Glad to make contact with you. I have a facebook page, but likr you, am somewhat computer challenged so I will have to have someone like my daughter help me learn how to use it. I am an author and have published 3 novels nd one non-fiction book, Our World Turned Upside Down about the state of America today, and the Obama presidency. Carol


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