Health Care Reform: We Are All Americans First

by CJFosdick on August 21, 2009

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, we are all Americans first. Health Care Reform affects us all, yet this political issue seems to be pulling at America’s very roots. But the American people cannot be silenced. We will be heard.

As politicians try their level best to silence us, put us down, diminish our voices of protest, we are crying out even louder. WE DO NOT WANT THE PROPOSED GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE PLAN. Nada! No way! Amend it. Do not toy with us like you are doing now. Pass a reasonable bill. And if you cannot do that, drop health care reform right now, let things cool off, then start all over again, and listen to the people then.

The problem is that the politicians won’t listen to us. We feel we are protesting to the wind, not to the officials we elected to serve us. We have been disenfranchised by the very government whom we elected. We are called Nazis. We are branded as un-American. We are told we are thugs and miscreants. Yet, is it un-American to have the right to assemble — the right to free speech? Our very own president has said that he does not want to hear our voices of protest — to just go away; he’s not interested in what we have to say.

Well, Mr. President, Sir, with all due respect to the Office of President if not to the man filling it, you cannot silence us. It would behoove you to start listening to your constituents. Yes, I agree there is probably a great deal of lies being spread about the proposed health care reform bill which has suddenly become the Health Insurance Reform bill. But by muddying the waters and changing the name, you are not fooling us. An odious bill by any other name remains an odious bill, and frankly, this bill stinks. And this bill is not what the American people want. The more you try to squash us, to silence our voices, the angrier we will become.

We are Americans. We value our freedoms. Many among us have fought through the years to the death in wars to preserve these freedoms. Please do not make the mistake of dismissing us here on our homeland as if we are naughty children. Right now we have brave men and women fighting in far-off foreign shores to keep the Constitution and the Bill of Rights intact. And you dare to say you do not want to hear our voices? How pathetic, Sir. Listen to us and do something to stop the divisions developing in our country from growing further, causing more hatred, greater bitterness to develop. You were elected as someone to unite the country, not break it into smithereens.

We are the American people, and when push comes to shove, make no mistake. We hold our freedoms near and dear to our hearts. WE CANNOT and WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

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Ann September 4, 2009 at 3:28 pm

What would you consider the outline to be for a “resonable” bill? Just curious as to why you are so against health care reform. I pay so much right now just for me to have insurance, what do you think the answer is?


CJFosdick September 16, 2009 at 6:59 am

Hi Ann,
Your post did not go unnoticed and so I decided to do a whole new blog article on healthcare reform. Please let me know what you think and I will also continue with some more of my ideas on health care costs. Thank you for you comment.


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