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by CJFosdick on April 13, 2009

Newsweek, Easter 2009
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Or Maybe a better title:
Bible Under Assault: God is “dead” Again

Religion has once again become a fierce American political issue. The week between Palm Sunday and the Resurrection, Easter Sunday, is the holiest week of the year for Christians. It is also a very holy time for Jews who celebrate The Passover (April 8-15, 2009). During this time so filled with meaning and holiness for about 95% of Americans who believe in God*, the Anti-Bible crowd is once again declaring God is dead. The liberal rag, Newsweek, had on its April 7, 2009, cover a picture of a cross with the words written on it, “The Decline and Fall of Christian America.” The message inside says that America is now a post Christian country, that atheism is the fastest-growing movement in America, and in doing so, has declared spiritual warfare on Jews and Christians — again. The Bible is under assault as never before and Christians and Jews must respond to this American Political issue.

This is not the first time a major news magazine has declared God dead. Those of us old enough remember the April 8, 1966, Time Magazine cover pronouncing a similar message, “Is God Dead?” The argument then was that atheism was taking over America by leaps and bounds. Hot debates followed, and this became a major American political issue with anti-religion crews violently trying their best to convince everyone of the death of God; those religious and those with common sense declared otherwise. This battle has raged for the last 43 years, with liberal judges being the worst in trying to take any vestige of God out of public life. Court-case after court-case has almost, but not quite made any public display of religion illegal. Forty-three years of the Bible being under attack. Forty-three years of abject failure. Like I said, just last year, 95% of Americans believed in God, with 85% being Christian.* Although the Newsweek cover today says that atheism is the fastest growing movement in America, any growth of about 5% of Atheist Americans could seem large. Doesn’t it strike you as odd, though, that in the last 43 years, atheism, supposedly taking over America had only 5% of the population in 2008? Don’t believe the spin, folks. God is very much alive in America, Christians and Jews alike are fighting almost daily to preserve and save the Bible, God, and America’s precious golden heritage of Judeo-Christian ethics dating back to our founding fathers and so written in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. No matter how hard they try, the anti-God element in America will never win. God cannot be destroyed by mere man. Let all of us who care stay strong on this American political issue.

To make matters worse, our own president, while on foreign shores (Turkey), said that America is no longer a Christian nation. This, more than anything about Obama’s overseas trip, shocked me. This professing Christian President who has not been to church in the eleven weeks he has been president,** this cowardly leader who declares vehemently that he is not Muslim, yet who bows to the Muslim Saudi Arabian king, and not to the Christian Queen of England, sold Christians “down the river.” Obama seems to say whatever he thinks will make foreigners love him; he doesn’t give a whit about America’s glorious past. If he truly is Christian, he needs to fall on his knees and apologize to God and to America, the country he leads. I can’t help it; I feel sorry for him. He is far from being the man or the leader he ought to be, one who stands for something, who has core values, and stands up for them.

And to you egotistical anti-God types, keep this in mind. You, in your petty, little, barren worlds may proclaim God dead. Meager mortals! Insignificant fools! You have no idea. Those of us who care need to stay strong on this American political issue.

*Polls taken in 2008
**You might know, having been called on his lack of church attendance since being president, Obama is going to church on Easter Sunday. Is he sincere or, once again, is this just for show? You make up your minds.

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