An American Conservative: Go For it, Sarah Palin

by CJFosdick on July 7, 2009

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I have been around a long time. No, I’m not as old as Methuselah, nor were dinosaurs still walking the earth when I was born. But take my word for it, I’ve lived through many presidential elections and notable political issues. And, I have never in my lifetime seen or heard the brand of putrid hatred aimed at Conservative American, Sarah Palin. What comes from the pens and mouths of many of America’s premier news sources about Sarah, her teenage daughters, her husband, and even her baby is appalling. Shocking! Unbelievable! The attacks have been merciless, consistent, and unrelenting throughout the eight months since she hit national prominence. I am sure by attacking Sarah Palin’s daughter and family the way these so-called journalists have has had the most detrimental effect of all on Sarah, not the attacks on her, herself. A strong person like Sarah Palin can stand the heat, but to tear at the very vitals of her family whom she loves makes these attacks become some form of rare agony. And this, by the way, is one of the main methods used by torturers to get an enemy to give up. Threaten their families if they cannot get the person give in.

This torture started immediately after McCain picked Palin, Governor of Alaska, to be his running mate in September, 2008, and has not let up since, even though McCain-Palin did not win the Presidency. Usually, after a vice-presidential candidate loses an election, he/she is allowed to go back to their home state, lick their wounds, and regroup unnoticed. Conservative news groups aside, the liberal press let Gore, Dan Quail, and even Presidential candidate, John McCain, himself do this. Of course, at his age, the press knows McCain is not going to run again. BUT THEY ARE AFRAID OF PALIN. Deathly afraid! AND SO, THEY KNOW THEY MUST DESTROY HER. If they can’t do it through attacks on her personally, so be it! Then, they destroy what is most important to her — her family.

The very vileness of these attacks remind me of rabid hyenas snarling and biting at Sarah’s heels, hoping to pull her down and mortally wound her, leaving her in America’s political throw-away “dung heap” along with such notable and honorable “discards” as Bush W, Cheney, et al – you know, any Conservative these so called news sources deem as dangerous. And Sarah is dangerous.

These fanatical self-proclaimed critics, most on the left, but a few on the right, have determined to destroy Sarah so she can have no hope of running for president. But, guess what! Sarah is not finished; not yet. She is fighting back. Mark my words! Like the Phoenix, she will rise again from the ashes of what they have made of her life, and make her score somewhere in her future. At this point no one knows when or how. But Sarah is not finished. I say, “Go for it, Sarah Palin. Fight for your honor and for the reputation of your family. There are millions of Americans out here rooting for you. We still love you, Sarah — admire and respect you. If it’s a fight they want, give them a fight — the fight of their unscrupulous lives. You are one American Conservative we want around for a long, long time.

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