Anti Conservative: $150 Million Later

by CJFosdick on January 26, 2009

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The coronation is over; America has a new emperor. Woops, I mean president. It only cost $150 Million to put on this extravaganza, and it was, indeed, quite a show, even if it was anti conservative. Now, Whites here in America can hold their heads high, assured that they are finally, finally equal to blacks and other minorities here in America. We can now shed the over-powering guilt placed on our heads at birth, no actually several hundred years before our births. The terrible specter of racism has haunted America for far too many years. According to black leaders before now, race issues have permeated every single activity here in America. Whites today have been guilty, guilty, guilty, even though no one in modern America has owned a slave. This conservative issue has been solved.   
Doesn’t it feel good, fellow Whites, to no longer feel guilty? America has elected a Black President. Yes, it is wonderful. Yes, it is an act that will bind Americans together as one, more than any other act could have. Yes, it was an historic inauguration and all citizens should have watched it. I totally agree with all of the above statements. It was worth the cost to this nation of $150 million in a time of economic turmoil. (More than three times the cost of Bush’s second inauguration of $44 million, which, by the way, the liberal media griped about as being too expensive, even though then we were in a period of good economic growth.)

America has liberated itself of blame. Now modern history books are free to print something about our founding fathers, Washington and Jefferson, other than the fact they were terrible guys because they owned slaves. Now the South can become a part of the union again, because the issue of slavery has been set to rest. Now we Whites don’t need to watch every word we say, so that we will not be called Racists. All gone. The slate has been wiped clean.

Oh, wait, I forgot. The minister that gave the Benediction at the end of Obama’s acceptance speech apparently didn’t know this. He had to bring race back in with his silly rhymes, “When Black need not get in back; when Brown can stick around; when Yellow will be mellow; when the Redman can get ahead, man; and when White will embrace what is right.*” I know, the guy is 85 years old. But really, was this necessary? To bring race back into the proceedings this soon after the hope of a one America again? I think not! Well, racism seems back in full-fledged mode. It was nice while it lasted.


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