Ben Carson and the Press

by CJFosdick on October 20, 2015

Now that we are in full swing with the 2016 presidential election, we are inundated with so much garbage coming from the American press, we have no idea what is truth and what is fiction. It is as if the supposedly “free American Press” has lost all sense of telling what reality actually is or what the facts really are. They have certainly muddied the water for the rest of us trying to tell what is actually going on with the candidates and what their stands on issues in fact are.

Let’s use Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson as an example. After the tragedy at Umpqua College in Roseland Oregon where nine students were killed and many other wounded, Ben was asked by a commentator what he would have done in this situation. Ben answered he would have told everyone there to charge the killer at once and maybe some of them would have lived. It was Ben’s opinion, not a fact. Some commentator said Ben had no respect for the killed students, that he put them down. Others called him stupid for his answer because Ben should know that to leave the defense of helpless captives to the trained experts. After all, they got there to the scene of the tragedy about ten minutes after the shootings happened and could have obviously at that time saved some lives — lol.

Going farther, Ben was recently asked by a different newsperson if he thought if the Jews in Hitler’s Germany had had guns, they might have saved many lives in the holocaust where something like 6 million Jews were eradicated by Hitler. It is a generally known fact that after Hitler gained power, one of the first actions he took was to confiscate guns, because Germany had universal gun registration at the time, leaving Germans, including Jews, unarmed. Ben answered that he thought that if the Jews had had guns, they could have indeed saved lives. This was Ben’s opinion, not a fact. He had been asked for his opinion as he had been in the example above. You would have thought he had uttered blasphemy the way some news sources reacted. Ben’s name was smeared up one side and down another. One supposed news source even called Ben the F word in their headline about this incident. To me, this is a new low in journalism.

In a third recent interview, Ben was asked if he would vote for a Muslim running for President and Ben said, “No.” He went on to explain that he felt that way because of the vast difference between the Muslim belief in Sharia Law and American Law. He went on to say that if the Muslim were to pledge that he believed in the American system of law and would NOT adhere to Sharia Law, then he could support such a Muslim. I had to think about this a little and decided I so totally agreed with Ben I was surprised I hadn’t thought about this before. One source went on record after this saying that Ben should withdraw from the Presidential Race because he was so obviously a racist against another religion. Religion had nothing to do with Ben’s stand. Systems of government did.

These three incidents are not the only events about Ben criticized by the liberal press. It has gone on and on, leaving the impression to the American public, that Ben is an idiot.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Ben was one of the foremost pediatric surgeons in the world, performing operations successfully that no one else would even tackle. He is a self-made man raised by a single mom in Detroit’s slums, who not only got an education, but also had a brilliant career. He is an honest and ethical man who is morally upright and widely popular in Conservative circles. He has a great deal of common sense, and this shows in his speeches and the answers he gives while on the campaign trail. (my opinion). Mostly he is highly intelligent, doesn’t play games with words, and has no interest in political correctness that has so much fouled up our lives today. This is refreshing, although he has taken a great deal of criticism from the press because of this. He fully admits he might be lacking in his credentials to be president is some areas, but he says that he has a mind, can learn, and will have experts to help him if he needs to consult them. This is another area of continual criticism from the press about Ben. He isn’t qualified to be president. Baloney! He is more qualified than President Obama was when he was elected in 2008. Or than he is today after seven years as president.

Ben has my vote and no amount of effort from the liberal press can pull him down or dim his credentials. He is a bright star in the field of politics in today’s world.

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