Christmas: Still Strong in the New Decade

by CJFosdick on January 8, 2010

Not only are we in a brand new year, but also in a brand new decade. For several decades now, there has been a concerted attempt by atheists to take Christ out of Christmas, to turn this hallowed holiday into a secular celebration. In my opinion, this effort has not worked, and atheists are just whistling in the wind.

I watched the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year’s Day and was excited to hear the Salvation Army Band playing “Onward Christian Soldiers,” a beautiful Christian hymn from days of yore. I hadn’t heard this hymn in years, and I got lost in fond memories of my childhood days before all the idioticy perpetrated on Christian America by nonbelievers. This hymn, played in the Rose Bowl Parade, was televised from coast to coast. It should have raised the hackles on atheists and bring lawsuits, public derision, and ACLU protests. It did not.

I think that the people against Christ are losing their voice, and Christians are winning. Efforts to change “Christmas Day” into “Winter Solstice Day” or “Winter Break Day” are failing. The American people spoke with their pocketbooks in recent Christmases past by not doing business with establishments whose personnel refused to say “Merry Christmas” but said instead, “Happy Holidays”*. Everywhere I shopped this year, I wished every clerk a “Merry Christmas”, and  everyone responded with a “Merry Christmas” of their own.

For several years now, Christmas Carols played in many commercial establishes and on radio and TV omitted any carols with Christ in them, sticking to songs like “Frosty the Snowman” and “Winter Wonderland”. This year I heard carols with Christ in them and these made my heart rejoice. My husband and I took a Christmas Day drive, listening to old, favorite Christmas carols celebrating the birth of Christ on the radio, a truly inspiring experience in this day and age. Last year we did not hear the Christian hymns.

We Christians absolutely must not allow the beautiful, enduring Christmas carols that have enriched our lives for generations be stricken from our national heritage because of the actions of a few, hell bent on forcing Christianity out of our lives. I think these few are losing the battle, if this Christmas is any example. I find myself very encouraged here at the start of this New Year and this new decade. I believe Christmas is here to stay.

After all, Christmas has survived for 2000 years, often under attack by groups much bigger and more powerful than a measly five percent of Americans who do not believe in any God. Christianity has changed the world, has spread worldwide to every corner of the earth, and into every country. This religion has inspired artists, musicians, architects, and authors to produce the most awe-inspiring works of art ever done since there has been humans living on earth. Christianity has formed the basis of governments, has provided societies with a basis of laws and codes for their citizens to live by, and has given untold inspiration to countless people throughout the centuries to live better lives. Belief in Christianity has civilized the world we live in. America is one of these Christian countries, and much of her greatness comes from her Christian (and Jewish) ethics, code of laws, and moral values.

The few Americans who do not believe in God  do not have the power to “kill God” or to take Christ out of Christmas. Foolish mere mortals!
*A little known fact: The original  meaning ,of “holiday” is “Holy Day” and has a Christian origin.

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