Church Issues: Golden Threads

by CJFosdick on November 28, 2008

Symbols of Christianity

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The Church is under attack more than ever in this pre-Christmas season. Discrimination against the church is now in full swing. We become more aware than ever that church issues affecting the very future of religion in America are under attack. For example, in Golden, Colorado, a synagogue asked to have a menorah displayed downtown along with the bright tree decorations. This request has been denied. It is the same old song and dance that has gone on for years — no public displays that have any religious content. Among the many church issues of today, these attacks become the most imperative, because the farther these attacks are carried, the more successful they are, the more secular America will become, and the less important religious values will be in our personal lives.

In Europe, Judeo-Christianity has lost; over 51% of the population is now without religion, having gone secular. Many of these European countries seem stagnate. The Christian and Jewish traditions lost, people no longer have the golden threads of Judeo-Christian values binding them together. With the exception of Great Britain, European countries will not even fight a common enemy, the Jihadist terrorist. They are quite willing to let America and Britain do the fighting for them. There is a very basic need of people to have something bigger than themselves to believe in, something of meaning in their lives to guide and support them. Europe seems to be losing this basic human need.

We must fight for our right to keep intact the threads of Judeo-Christian philosophy that run throughout our history, the golden threads of religion that forged and shaped this mighty nation into the great nation she is. We must unite and fight as a group, because a country without religion has never stood more than a few generations before it has fallen. This is historical fact, not the imagination of an elderly wandering mind. Make no mistakes, fellow citizens, if America is to win this war against religion, it will take all of us acting as proud Americans working together to preserve our heritage. And it will be by safeguarding the very foundation of our Constitution, our history, and our basic philosophy of Judeo-Christian values.

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Ashish December 14, 2015 at 2:51 pm

, most pagans are cotrnves in their teen/adult years. I am in an interfaith marriage and we have allowed our children to choose their own path as well as educate them about various religions and spiritualities. Out of 3 children, 2 have identified as pagan early on and 1 considers herself Christian. Interestingly enough, the Christian child will still participate in public rituals our Temple holds.


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