Come Back Home Republicans

by CJFosdick on November 6, 2016

14399466276_ce21711087_z Eighteen months ago we Americans started on a long, arduous journey that is going to end two days from now. I, like many other Republicans, was originally thrilled at the number of well-qualified Republicans who threw their hats into the ring to run for President. I made my choice right away — Dr. Ben Carson — and stayed with him until he dropped out of the race. I then went to my second choice, then to my third, and on it went.

When Donald Trump entered the race, everything changed for both parties. As a Republican, I was interested. At first, I was totally turned off by Donald, as were many other Republicans. As time went on, it became clear that Donald was going to be the Republican Candidate for President, so I took a second look at him, a long, careful look at what he said and what he had done in his life before now. I never deserted him like many other Republicans did; however, I absolutely could not stand the thought of a Hillary Presidency. I had had plenty of the Clinton antics, dishonesty, and crises when Bill was President.

As the race went on, America became totally divided, them against us. The campaigning became bitter, acrimonious assaults on both sides.  But, the more I listened to Trump, the more sense he made. I found I agreed with most of the goals he wanted to do to bring the greatness of America back. More and more I started to share his vision of America’s future. I also began to realize there were two Trumps — the public, brazen, say-anything, no political correctness Trump, and the private, generous, reach-out-and-help-others Trump — the Trump who quietly did good things for others with no fanfare or publicity.  So as I found myself more and more drawn to Trump more and more Republicans became afraid of him and turned away from him. “Never Trump” became their motto.

As time went on and more and more scandals were disclosed on both sides, I realized that Hillary’s scandals basically revolved around her dishonesty, crimes, and lack of integrity, while Donald’s scandals revolved around things he had said that shocked people and his supposed sexual escapades, some of which were so unbelievable no one should take them very seriously, although many did. More Republicans left the fold. Me? I stayed with my ABCs — “Any One But Clinton.”

It is now just two days before the election and I believe it is time for Republicans to come back home to the Republican Party and vote for Trump. So much is riding on this election and to continue the path Obama has America on now would be disastrous in my opinion. Hillary has no new vision for America, just more of the same-old-same-old. Donald Trump has a great vision. I believe with all my heart that Donald will put everything into fulfilling this future he envisions for America because he is a fighter, a doer, and a leader. He wants to be a successful President I believe  he will give the job everything he has to give.

Come on home, Republicans. It’s time. Come back and join us for the change we all want for our beloved country. Give Trump a thumbs-up and join us. VOTE FOR TRUMP!

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