The Common Folks: “Folklanders”

by CJFosdick on August 3, 2010

Who lives in Folkland? Why, the folks, of course. Folks, according to Webster “are the common people considered as the representatives of a traditional way of life. The carriers of the customs, beliefs, and arts that make up a distinctive culture in America, the folks are representatives of this distinctive American culture. The folks tend to be down to earth and open-hearted.” Folks feel traditions and cultures of the past are important, worth emulation, worth clinging to. We folks out here in Folkland know where we are. We know what we’re about. We know what we believe, what’s important to us, what we value about our lives out here in Folkland. Folks don’t have to wonder if they fit into the “Folk Culture”; we know. If we’re not sure we’re folks, we probably aren’t.

Like I said, Folkland is more of an attitude than a location. So what attitudes sets Folkland apart from the elite or those who consider themselves as better or superior to the mere, common folks?

•Faith, belief in God and God’s role in our lives. The Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments are important guides in our behavior; folks recognize these are the very foundation on which the laws of our country were founded and are the continuing bedrock keeping our county strong.

•Deep seated belief that America is a great country, that America is special; that there is no other country which has given freedom and hope to so many, so often, and so generously.

•Belief in the American Dream – that it still exists, that we can all strive for the top, that because we are Americans, we are free to dream and reach for the stars, no matter how humble our beginnings might be.

•Enjoying the beauties of God’s world, i.e., the fragrance of apple blossoms, majestic clouds forming in a turquoise sky, country roads to explore, fishing in a mountain lake, finding a four clover; you know just the common, everyday beauty in things that bring pleasure and meaning to our lives.

•Real love and appreciation for the sacrifices our young men and women and their families make in the military to keep America strong and free; not a fake mouthing of words or pretense to make it seem we are proud; not show, but real. When young Americans put their lives on the line by volunteering for the military, this isn’t just talk. This is real, and we here in Folkland appreciate their sacrifices.

•True patriotism, not some phony appearance of it. Honoring our flag, displaying it proudly, recognizing that this flag represents all that is good and right about America.

•Being neighborly; helping those less fortunate, reaching out to someone who needs a helping hand, a boost up, maybe just saying hi to someone aching to hear a friendly voice. We give. Did you know that the average middle class person is far more generous with what they donate than are the wealthy?

•American ingenuity, making do, fixing up rather than buying new. Doing without if money is scarce. We admire and emulate baling-wire-and-duct-tape-geniuses, like Henry Ford, who built America.

• Planting and reaping! What greater pleasure is there? Farmers and ranchers are the backbone of our country; they are not country Bumpkins or cowboys, as some elites portray us, just Folklanders.

•Honoring the working men and women, the plumbers, the mechanics, the waitresses, the janitors — just common, everyday sorts of folks; these are the people who together give America vitality to build better lives and a better America.

•Firm belief in the Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers. We believe the Constitution is not a document to be changed by whims or modern interpretations; it is not a document to be influenced by foreign laws and/or current customs. It is the American Constitution, the basis of American law, rights, and freedoms, and should stay as written unless amended in the way set forth in the Constitution itself.

•Strong belief in the sanctity of life. The belief that life starts at conception, and that babies are gifts from God, not an object to be destroyed before it ever draws a breath. We believe the unborn have an identity, and can live up to whatever personality, gifts, and future it might have had had this baby been allowed to live. We’ll never know what future leaders, innovators, statesmen we have destroyed with abortion.

•The belief we ourselves can set our own destiny, not that the government will set our futures with governmental controls, regulations, laws, and, of course, money — plenty of money. Money to make more and more people more and more dependent on the Federal Government, which makes the government more and more powerful. Get the picture? Folks don’t buy into this.

•Firm belief in capitalism, free enterprise and our own ability to build and run our own private businesses. Folks don’t want the government to have power over our lives from cradle to grave. We believe in our own abilities and are suspicious of the government to make wise decisions over our lives. We believe in “We the people”, the folks, the masses, we common guys and gals.

•We believe that the Second Amendment is the most important Amendment in the Bill of Rights because with our guns we will be able to insure we keep our other rights and freedoms, such as speech, religion, press, assembly, and states rights. The 10th Amendment (States, Rights) is being eroded day by day right under our eyes.

•We go through periods of our lives scratching deep when we don’t have enough, when our biggest worry is not being able to pay monthly bills, dreading a crisis making it so that we won’t be able to afford essentials. We fear facing financial ruin, maybe bankruptcy, watching continual increases in the cost goods and services we need to live.

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