Conservative America: Let Us Give Thanks

by CJFosdick on December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving is over in America and Black Friday has come and gone. Families gathered with friends and relatives to gorge on turkey and fixin’s, and give thanks for all the good in their lives. They overate, satiated themselves on Football, shopped like crazies on Friday, and are recuperating now with leftover turkey in sandwiches, hash, soup, and more football to sooth their tired souls. This is just the start of the Christmas season. And yes, my team, The Broncos, won. What more could I ask.

Actually, America has much to be thankful for. In spite of the bad economy, Americans seem well into the joy of Christmas. At least, they spent 3% more than last year on Black Friday. Americans have apparently decided to still have Christmas, even if it is more meager than Christmases passed. The price of gasoline has been cut in half since July, and this is helping drive down the price of airline tickets and highway travel. People still pack the stands of their favorite football teams and are eagerly looking forward to the holiday bowl games. Millions of Americans reached out to millions of more Americans less well off than they on Thanksgiving.

We have not had an attack on our shores since 9/11. This is in the face of attacks world-wide by terrorists, the latest happening in India on the Thanksgiving just passed. This event shockingly jarred our complacency here in America, reminding us of how important watching our borders have become. Good people are working continuously to keep America safe.

Whatever your view on the Iraq War, this war has virtually been won and twenty-five million people formally held in bondage are now living in a democracy. America no longer has to worry about Saddam threatening the stability of the world, one dangerous dictator less. We must not only be thankful and proud of the brave soldiers who fought and won this war, but we must be thankful the war is winding down and America is the winner. This was a war America could not afford to lose.

Yes, America has much to give thanks for. Let us never lose sight of this.

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