Conservative America: Graduation

by CJFosdick on December 9, 2008

I recently went to my son-in-law’s graduation with a double Masters in Clinical Counseling and School Counseling. We are so proud of him. I’ll give the guest speaker credit. She gave an upbeat speech, not some “gloom and doom” downer, but it didn’t really address conservative America, either. She started by saying that there was enough negatives going on in the world that she was going to concentrating what was good about America. She talked about all the progress in medicine and health. She emphasized the advances and innovations in science. She spent a lot of time on the greatness of the space program and the inventions from this program, such as Tang and better plastics. She discussed social gains for minorities, the progress in race relations, better treatment of the handicapped, and equality for women. She was proud that here in America, we have traveled down the road far enough to have a black man making a serious attempt at the presidency, someone who ended up actually being elected to the most important job in the world.

So what was missing? My son-in-law, an ex-marine who fought in the Gulf War, pointed it out. She made absolutely no reference to the military. None! She did not mention any of the wars America has fought that saved democracy and kept our freedoms intact. She did not mention the National Guard so important in the current War on Terror, and the Coast Guard and Border Patrol who keep America protected right now. She said nothing about the first responders — the brave men and women who keep our streets safe, who walk into danger, perhaps giving their lives. She did not mention any great military leader who has impacted our lives. Dwight D. Eisenhower, great general of World War II and former President of the United States, would have been perfect if she couldn’t bring herself to mention any current military heroes. Just nothing!

Other things missing: No Prayers, no Invocation, Benediction, not even a “Via con Dias” to send the graduates into their new lives. When the National Anthem was sung, and at least it was sung, one long-haired fellow in front of us slouched down and put his hands behind his back. Liberals were probably pleased, but to conservative America, much was missing from this graduation.

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