Conservative America: “My Kind of People”

by CJFosdick on November 19, 2008

Easton, Pennsylvania

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People in rural Pennsylvania sound like my kind of people. Democrats, you don’t have an iota of a clue of what conservative America is all about. First and most important, conservative America is the backbone of our great nation — the traditions on which America was built are still very present in Conservative America. Such beliefs as gun rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, a deep seated and personal relationship with God, an attitude of self-reliance, and a fear of too much government control is part of what motivates conservative America.

Bitterness? Waiting for twenty-five years for the government to find them a job? Turning to guns because of this bitterness? What are you Democrats foreseeing? Armed Americans turning to crime with their guns? Nonsense! Guns are an intrinsic part of life for conservative America, yet you Democrats want massive gun control laws. Bitter people turning to God and seeking other Christian issues? Conservative Americans have God as a fundamental part of their lives. They haven’t turned to God because twenty-five years ago they lost their jobs. Wanting to grow government to the size you Democrats want, with its finger in every section of our lives? We here in conservative America know the terrible plight of other government programs that are already available, such as Medicare and Social Security, both of which are rapidly going broke. We really don’t feel the need of more government programs costing billions and billions of more tax money as you Democrats are currently proposing. Come on, you couldn’t be farther off base on conservative America if you tried.

In fact, Democrats, I am totally tired of your-continual-running-at-the-mouth-running-America-down. Conservative America loves this great country. We might want change in some areas, but we DON’T want to get a nanny-state running our lives from cradle to grave. We DON”T want our taxes raised and raised and raised to pay for your schemes of complete government control. WE DON”T WANT SOCIALISM! Yes, conservative America, you are my kind of people and I proudly stand with you to salute America.

(If you are interested in reading more about conservative America, you might enjoy my three novels, The Bjorngard Trilogy.)

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