Conservative Leader: “Snarky Bottom Feeders” — Part II

by CJFosdick on November 24, 2008


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The really tragic thing about the Bottom Feeders before the election is that they probably had something to do with John and Sarah losing the election. These snarky Republicans obviously hurt John and Sarah, doing this by discouraging the party faithful, giving the illusion of a campaign falling apart, and convincing moderates and Hillary loyals interested in voting McCain/Palin to vote Obama instead. We certainly heard rumors before the election of infighting in McCain’s headquarters.

Republican Party Loyalists worth their salt should have squelched these rumors; in actuality, many party loyalists were the very ones talking about the campaign squabbling. By comparison, we heard of no such infighting going on in Obama’s camp. One thing I can honestly say about Democrats is that they stick together like gum stuck to a shoe, never publicly airing disagreements as Republicans often do, even if disagreements are present.

These Bottom Feeders were prominent Republican voices, often in the “Hoity-toity Beltway and Booze Crowd (Ultra-sophisticated Washington/New York cocktail Party Set.) I have nothing good to say about this kind of person. I hate disloyalty, I hate snobbishness, and I hate betrayal. The Bottom Feeders were lacking in all three of these character traits.

These Elitist Bottom Feeders obviously felt Sarah was beneath them, that she was too common, too rural, you know, “a dolt from the sticks” who sometimes said something so crude they cringed, like, “You Betcha.”  Today’s most prominent conservative leader, Sarah, was John’s pick. She swept America off its feet. She brought a dimension to the campaign that John needed to compete with the charismatic Obama. John would have lost even worse without Sarah. Who in bloody-blazes were you snarky Bottom Feeders to throw Sarah under the bus?

Anyway, thanks a whole heck of a bunch. Remind any conservative leader of the future not to depend on the likes of you. Just go off to your next cocktail party and leave the real work of reorganizing and rebuilding the important conservative wing of the Republican Party to real people, the vast majority of common folks living in Folkland, USA, the Joe-the-Plumbers, the populace, the Heartland. We might say, “You betcha,” and we might seem crude and common, but believe me, we ARE the backbone of this GREAT COUNTRY. In a scant two years, another election is coming, and Conservatives will do better than we did in 2008. WITHOUT YOUR HELP! You can count on this!

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