Conservative Leader: CYA Bottom Feeder(s) — Part III

by CJFosdick on November 26, 2008

The problem with an anonymous person crying foul is that the person maligned doesn’t know whom she is fighting, and thus can’t fight back. A different stripe of bottom Feeder appeared after the election, the CYA** Bottom Feeder. This was one (or more) of John McCain’s campaign workers, still unknown; the person smeared, Sarah Palin. Instead of helping disband the campaign headquarters and heading off home, he/she/they Bottom Feeder saw fit to lie about Sarah, trying to destroy this prominent conservative leader after the election. (From now on, I will call this particularly despicable and vile bottom feeder, Anonymous.)

Anonymous made Sarah sound like an idiot, like not knowing simple geography enough to know that Africa is a collection of countries, not just one country; or know  current affairs enough to name the countries in NAFTA. She has dealt with NAFTA, for goodness sakes — Canada in particular over oil issues. Anonymous told many more lies, but all of them were successfully refuted by other people of good reputation who had been in the room when supposedly Sarah made these glitches. They swore Sarah never made these blunders.

Of course, some of the nasty-bottom-mud probably stuck to this well-loved conservative leader. Anonymous probably thought he/she/they was/were safe and that some uninformed people would continue to believe the lies about Sarah were true. A lie can go around the world faster than the truth can get its shoes on.*

Conservatives in the know guessed that whoever made these claims was probably trying to pull a CYA.** Anonymous apparently felt that to blame Sarah for the Republican loss would get him/her/them off the hook for running a poor campaign. Since he/she/they remain anonymous, the very act of remaining anonymous puts anyone in the McCain Headquarters suspect. This isn’t fair to the vast majority of McCain workers.

Going farther, written into the American Constitution is that the accused has the right to know who the accuser.*** Anonymous has denied Sarah her Constitutional Rights, and has clearly broken the law of the land which makes him/her/them worse than craven cowards.

I suggest Anonymous go home the murky bottoms of the water where they dwell, and hope that no shark comes down and makes a feast of their gutless bodies. Keep in mind, this is the nature of sharks. They gorge on Bottom Feeders

*Mark Twain

** CYA translated means “Cover Your Own A_ _ (Behind)

***Amendment 6 of the Bill of Rights

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