Conservative Leader: Sharks and Bottom Feeders — Part I

by CJFosdick on November 22, 2008

Great white shark

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The most popular conservative leader today is Sarah Palin. Over 80% of Conservatives want her to run for president in 2012. A look-back shows the 2008 election brought out the malicious nature of many trying to destroy the other side. However, the most venomous were those attacking Sarah and her family. These sharks circulated in the waters around her, grabbing juicy morsels of her flesh, hoping to leave behind a bloodied and battered corpse. That is the nature of sharks. By the way, they didn’t succeed. Sarah is very-much intact.

These sharks are some of the most powerful voices in America: prominent liberal women, many of the Hollywood stars, late-night show hosts, and much of the mainstream media. Also in the mix are many college and university professors and public school teachers busy brainwashing the youth of our nation.  Brainwashing children is a tool dictators use to get control of a country: Hitler’s Youth! Jihadist Children! Cuban Youngsters! Right now in America, sharks are brainwashing kids as young as four.* Make no mistake, sharks are very dangerous.
So who were the bottom feeders before the election? You’d never guess. Some Republicans themselves busy throwing Sarah into the vast ocean to drown! These Republican supporters, even after the election, are so afraid of Sarah, they are still vocally trying to destroy her for good. They have already decided that she cannot run in 2012; you know, the “Why Won’t She Just Fade Into Oblivion” bit. Yes, Republicans! This has got to dishearten Sarah, and demoralize party faithful. I couldn’t believe it when you self-proclaimed-judges and juries started with this line after the election. I was shocked, literally shocked.

WHAT IN BLOODY BLAZES ARE YOU REPUBLICANS THINKING? HOW CAN YOU ATTACK OUR OWN? WHERE IS YOUR LOYALTY? You are far worse than sharks; you are bottom feeders. You are the ilk of our party and you make me sick to my stomach. Mark my words, if you destroy Sarah, you will destroy a future, bright, popular, conservative leader who can help Republicans restore traditional issues after a particularly hard election defeat.  Millions still love her. In fact, she was the hit of the recent Republican Governors’ Meeting in Florida. BOTTOM FEEDERS, LAY OFF SARAH! DON’T DESTROY HER!

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