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by CJFosdick on June 30, 2009

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This is the political issue of the day. At the GOP Gala on June 8th, famous actor, Jon Voight, said that he believes Obama will cause the downfall of America. He said, “To think we were the greatest power and the liberators of the entire world.” Voight agonizes that we are becoming a weak nation. He continues, “Obama thinks he will change the world with his soft-spoken sweet talk. He thinks he is a soft-spoken Julius Caesar. He really thinks he is going to conquer the world. He thinks he will turn the world into a little playground where all the enemies of the world will swing each other back and forth.”*

Voight’s thoughts go farther than the view I posted in my blog of 6/8/09 on the conservative view, namely, “I think he (Obama) has bought into the vision that he is a latter-day messiah who knows what is best for the other 310 million other Americans and he alone can fix their “broken, miserable lives” with his notion of a perfect America.” (See post of 6/8/09, “A World Turned Upside-Down”.) According to Voight, Obama doesn’t just believe he is the savior of America; he thinks he’s emperor of the world and will save everyone worldwide from the gathering storms of nuclear holocaust. You know, the naïve theory that if everyone could just get along, we wouldn’t have any problems.

Jon Voight’s conservative quote continued that he is worried both Israel and America will be destroyed by Iran’s ambitions. Certainly Iran has threatened often enough to blow Israel and America off the face of the earth. In order to achieve the end of everyone getting along and playing together on the Playground of Peace, Obama has given Iran permission to develop nuclear energy, supposedly for peacetime use. In fact, Obama gives this right to every nation on earth. So Iran can go about its merry way increasing nuclear force with Obama’s blessing, until it gets to the strength of a nuclear bomb. Then what?

North Korea already has the bomb and is feeling the full force of the power this bomb gives this marginal country. Nuclear proliferation is on the increase and Obama is supporting this increase. Absolutely unbelievable! Both Iran and North Korea are testing not only more rockets, but also more sophisticated rockets that can travel farther. This is not just saber-rattling as some so-called pundits (idiots) think. These countries are dangerous to world peace and stability, and Obama’s response is to negotiate. How I wish we had a Teddy Roosevelt in the White House again — you know, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” Obama has taken away America’s big stick. The Playground of Peace is impotent! It will not work, especially with Obama doing the cheerleading around the world that America tortures, and is guilty of arrogance and aggression. He is neither as omnipotent nor omniscient as he seems to think. Voight finished up with this conservative quote, “We and we alone can save this nation from the ‘Obamination’. His lack of qualifications and experiences will destroy America.” WE HAVE TO TAKE THIS POLITICAL ISSUE SERIOUSLY AND TAKE ACTION. WE NEED TO PUT PRESSURE ON CONGRESS AND LET OBAMA KNOW WHAT IS AT STAKE — AMERICA’S FUTURE!

*Fox and Friends, Fox News Channel, 6/9/09 and 6/10/09

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