Conservative Social Issue: Today’s Harvest of “PC” Part III

by CJFosdick on December 21, 2008

America today is reaping the harvest of the growing conservative social issue, “PC”. Political Correctness has infiltrated our schools, our textbooks, our media, in fact, the very framework of our society. We actually have people punished for verbalized political thoughts. We are so afraid of saying something that isn’t “PC” we often don’t say anything. Certain groups are automatically seen as more important than others, and can say whatever they want: liberal women (but not conservative women) Gays, racial minorities, basically anyone except WASPs. (Remember them? White Anglo-Saxton Protestants) The terror of anyone who dissents from Political Correctness is well-known. Retribution is swift, careers lost, good people destroyed, while the “Sainted Ones” revel in the destruction of any who is deemed politically incorrect. It is easy to stick a label of bigotry on someone, and this person may very well be ruined forever. 
The very history of America is being changed by “PC” as events are re-written to fit what the “PC” police want — mainly that America is an evil nation, and Americans are evil people. Sounds extreme, but I challenge you to prove this wrong! Marxist ideas and Socialism are gaining ground. The liberal movement to rewrite America’s history started in the 1960’s, so there has been a 40 year+ effort to change America from a “lover and giver of democracy” to an evil American Empire. America is not and never has been an empire, but many see it today as just that.* In the 1990s, I read a college history text that said World War II with Japan started because of American Imperialism.**  Talk about revising history! I hear many liberal media types today talking about the American Empire. I have an idea they themselves don’t know what an Empire is, but hey, it sounds negative to America, so let’s mouth the words.

I’ve said it before, but will repeat it. Perhaps the single most important conservative social issue today is fighting political correctness. If we conservatives, in rebuilding our conservative values, do not change or stop the encroaching liberal spin and revision of American history to make America and Americans look bad to the rest of the world, then we will have lost our right to freedom of speech and with that loss, our democracy. And the world will hate us more!

*Empire = An emperor gaining control over and ruling many other countries, usually as a complete

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