Conservative View: “One America”

by CJFosdick on November 18, 2008

The election of 2008 pulled Americans apart even more than before, forcing citizens to choose up sides, pitting one group against others: white against black, city dwellers suspicious of rural folks, the 5% wealthy Americans resentful of the 95% of other Americans who will get some of their money, Democrats against Republicans, on and on. Going farther, hate seems to be growing in Americans about America. Oh, not the general, run-of-the-mill citizen, the mainstream who love America. This hate is present in many who have positions of power, such as some politicians, many in the media, countless of the rich and famous — anyone who persists in using mass media as a means of propagating hate. The conservative view is that such hate-filled rhetoric is losing America friends overseas. Why not? If Americans hate America, why shouldn’t the rest of the world? This hate-filled propaganda is emboldening our enemy, letting them know they can win this War on Terror if hate divides America enough. All too often, our children are being taught to think that America is the worst country in the world, that Americans are a terrible people, and that we are murderers worse than the terrorists we are fighting. Mind-boggling! Patriotism is often not taught in school anymore. We must return to the conservative view — you know: patriotism, family values, and Judeo-Christian ethics.

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Our very culture, religious background, way of life, our freedoms, and system of government are all under attack today. These traditions are part and parcel of the “American Way of Life,” and were written into our treasured historical documents by our forefathers. Men and women have fought and died for America ever since there was an America; they continue today to fight and die today for “Mom and Apple Pie,” or in today’s world, “A Big Mac and the Super Bowl.”  If we do not come together as ONE AMERICA, the conservative view is that this will leave nothing but the seeds of disillusionment, disenfranchisement, and hate like the very Terrorists America is fighting today. We cannot continue to teach Americans to hate each other and our children to hate America. We must unite as Americans, proud of our heritage. We must stand together for the ONE AMERICA we love!

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