Conservative Women: Sarah Palin’s Appeal

by CJFosdick on November 21, 2008

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The woman who is tops among conservative women today is undeniably Sarah Palin. She continues to draw huge crowds at every stop where she talks about her brand of conservative politics. Crowds just eat it up. So what is Sarah’s appeal? It is far more than her out-going personality. It is more than her background is similar to small-town, conservative America everywhere. It is even more than that she is not the typical-bloviating-stuffed-shirt-what’s-in-it-for-me-I’m better-than-you attitude so many of Washington’s insiders, you know, the “I went to Harvard and you only went to Blank College; thus, I have a real education and you’re not smart.” By far the majority of Americans attended less prestigious colleges and universities. I did and I feel my education is better in some ways that an ivy leaguer’s, thank you. Sarah went to Idaho University and paid for her education by winning a scholarship in a beauty contest. Talk about ingenuity! However, ingenuity is still not the answer. Sarah is also smart and savvy.  But intelligence is not the entire answer, either.

Sarah is a Christian Conservative, and as conservative women go, she is at the top, a shining example of conservative America. Her uprightness, her truthfulness, her integrity make Sarah the woman she is. Her tenacity in fighting corruption, economic issues, and greed, even in her own party, and at great peril to her own political ambitions is outstanding, even among other conservative politicians. The moral courage everyday people see in her is uplifting. Her Christian values obviously guide her life, her actions, and her dealings with others. Her ability to inspire and lead people make her stand out among other conservative women.

These are the characteristics that matter in our elected officials. They did in George Washington who refused to be king and asked to be elected president instead. They did in Abraham Lincoln who guided America through one of the most perilous periods in America’s history. They mattered in Theodore Roosevelt, who felt honesty was supreme in a leader. I expand on character issues in my three novels, The Bjorngard Trilogy and how important they are in our leaders. The very essence of Sarah Palin and her tremendous appeal to millions of Americans is her inner core — her honor and her honesty. She is the genuine article, not some phony.

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