Déjà vu: The Cold War is Back

by CJFosdick on November 16, 2015

(Please note: Much of this blog is my opinion, but it is heartfelt, and to the best of my memories of these years. Also, I concentrated on the threat of the Soviet Union, and thus have left out much of the history of the world since the Cold War started after World War II, such as the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.)

Much of my younger years were spent worrying about being attacked by the Communist Soviet Union — World War III complete with atomic bombs destroying civilization as we know it, blowing our world asunder. Fears crept into my soul about an atomic war. Will I survive? Will my brother, my friends, those I love have to go and fight in such catastrophic destruction of life? If the annihilation of the earth happened as predicted in an atomic war, will I even want to be alive? These are thoughts I grappled with as a teenager, a young adult, and then an older adult.

I wasn’t alone. Our fear was very real and there were many times as the years passed when the threat of war was really pressing in on us, such as the U2 incident with Russia in the late 50s or the Russian buildup of missiles in Cuba in the early 60s. I was in college during the U2 incident and my best friend’s husband withdrew from college because we were so afraid war would break out. It didn’t and he went back to classes. The Cuban Missile Crisis happened a short time before my wedding date, and my father arranged for my fiancé and I to get our marriage license so we could get married early in case war broke out and he had to go and fight. He was, at the time, in the Army Reserve. War was averted and we went on with our regular wedding plans. Yes, there were many scares through the years that war seemed eminent and folks were scared.

During these years, we fought two wars to stop the spread of Communism, Korea, and Viet Nam. The war in Korea ended in a draw with North Korea communist and South Korea free. That was in the early 1950s and 55 years have passed. We still have American troops stationed in South Korea to hold the line to stop attacks on South Korea from the north. And now North Korea has atomic weapons, something America tried hard to stop, but was unsuccessful.

In Viet Nam, we entered the war in the early 1960s as consultants to help train the South Viet Nam troupes. Our role in the war gradually escalated until we were fighting full force. This war went on for years. It was a very divisive war and by the 1970s, most Americans just wanted out, so politicians got us out, just quit fighting and pulled our troops out. Viet Nam is the only war America lost. It wasn’t because of our American soldiers. They were winning and if given the chance they would have. Viet Nam left a very bitter and divided country, but perhaps Korea and Viet Nam did help to stop the spread of Communism. But Communist Russia was still a major threat to world peace.

President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s built up the American military with what he called the Star Wars program. He stood firm against Russian threats, and in 1989, the Russian Empire crumbled. The cold war ended and Russia was no longer thought of as a threat. Efforts to turn Russia into a democracy failed, however; it just never caught on, probably because the Russian people had no background in how to run a democracy. (My opinion)

From 1989 till now, we considered Russia an ally and we have even coordinated some ventures with them such as sharing with the International Space Station. New terrorists and new challenges arose. 9-11 happened and we ere involve with two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan fighting Islamic terrorists. Terrorism has increased and branched into different radical groups with the main one today, Isis, the most violent, the most dangerous, and the fastest growing threat to world peace. Isis must be eradicated.

Then, Vladimir Putin became president of Russia. He is an old line KGB official and feels that the disintegration of the Russian Empire was a tragic and disastrous calamity to Russian future, bashing any of Vladimir’s hopes of Russia regaining its former dominance as a world power and rebuilding the Soviet Union.

Vladimir decided to test the waters with a very weakened America under Obama. He moved troops and equipment into Crimea. It wasn’t long until Russia annexed Crima. The regrowth of the Soviet Union had started and America stood by and watched. Putin’s next move was to go into the Ukraine and try to take it over, too. America offered help to the Ukraine, but really didn’t give the Ukrainians help that would help them win over Russia and fighting continues today.

In one week Putin took the Mideast away from America. (K.T. McFarland) He has now allied with Iran, Iraq, and now has warplanes, missiles and troops in
Syria, not attacking Isis as Putin said they would, but propping up the corrupt and brutal leader of Syria, Bashar Al-Asad, who has killed his own people for years in a violent civil war, and whom America wants defeated The cold war is back full-fledged and Obama is “fiddling while the Mideast burns”.

It’s “Déjà Vu all over again”*. The cold war is back and Russia is once again our mortal enemy. The fear in my heart mounts daily.
*Yogi Bera

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