Economic Issues: Tax Day Tea Parties

by CJFosdick on April 17, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Atlanta, GA
Image by robert_carpenter via Flickr

In spite of the cold blistery day that grew worse as time went on, there was a big crowd at the area tea party my husband and I attended. Economic issues were not the only concerns people had at these tax day tea parties. Many other American political issues were aired. These tea parties went across party lines, representing the growing frustration of Americans. I find it laughable that Nancy Pelosi went on record as saying that the tea parties, over a thousand in all fifty states attended by hundreds of thousands, were not actually grassroots movements, but rather were “turf grass” arrangements paid for by the white, elite, rich. This movement called Tax Day Tea Parties could not have been anything else but a grassroots movement that has swept across America like a prairie fire racing in the wind.

Pelosi should have been at the tea party we attended, or any tea party for that matter. There could be no doubt that these were “the folks”, the average joes, the American masses, who came. They were dressed in the everyday garb of “working stiffs”, the retired, the elderly, and young parents with kids kept out of school for a day to see democracy in action. Bundled up in coats and hoodies, holding homemade signs, bracing against the biting wind, they came. And they stayed, making impromptu speeches, cheering and clapping, waving American flags We all sang our National Anthem at the conclusion, standing, hands over our hearts — proud citizens of the wonderful USA that we love and cherish — America — the greatest country in the world. The ongoing theme of the day: ‘We want this America we have now for our kids and grandkids.”

WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE AMERICA CHANGED THE WAY OBAMA, NANCY, AND HARRY WANT TO CHANGE IT. The frustration of Americans in the socialistic turn America is taking under their leadership goes far further than just taxes and economic issues. We are afraid of the tax-and-spend-doctrine ruining our country, the war on terror, and government control of every aspect of our lives. Kids as young as eight talked about wanting their future debt-free. Vets warned of another terror attack because of Obama’s transnational gospel of running down America overseas. Gun enthusiasts worried about our right to keep and bear arms. The Constitution was often mentioned — not something to change as Obama wants, but the Constitution our founding fathers wrote. Many mentioned the Power of God in their lives. These are just a sampling of views aired by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, really just regular Americans. Most stated how our government is NOT listening to us. We feel we, the American citizens, the very ones who put these politicians in office, have lost our voice. My personal handmade sign stated on one side, “WE ARE FED UP.” The other side: “FIRE CONGRESS.” In my unplanned speech, I talked of the importance of the home front in World War II and how deeply I wish America would return to this “Red, White, and Blue Patriotism” that helped us win this vital war.

This tax day tea party and the others throughout America meant far more than any grandiose, well-organized affair planned and paid for by the rich. There was no violence, no attacks, no rocks thrown, windows broken, just a friendly get-together, one that came from the hearts of those attending. And the greatest of all — we all agreed this is just a start. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL BE HEARD. YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK, AND GET THE “CHANGE” WE THE PEOPLE REALLY WANT — to go back to America’s roots.

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