Economic Policies: An Out-of-Control Eighteen Wheeler

by CJFosdick on July 21, 2009

Obama said on June 8, 2009, “We have done more than ever faster than ever.” No truer words were ever spoken! While Europe is turning away from socialism by voting in conservative lawmakers, America is speeding down the road of socialism with its economic policies like an out-of-control eighteen-wheeler with its brakes gone on Wolf Creek Pass.  Thanks to Obama and his cronies, Pelosi and Reid, America is changing before our very eyes and the American public seems helpless to stop these changes. Once these policies are in effect, they will be difficult if not impossible to change. Please be aware of these political issues affecting all our futures. Ahead are dangerous hairpin curves and the only thing standing between economic disaster and America’s future is “the run-a-way truck ramp of soft sand and an uphill run” called “We the  People.” Only you and I can stop this economic catastrophe in its tracks before it crashes.

If we do not act before the end of July when Congress goes on its August vacation, a  trillion dollar (OR MORE) government-subsidized healthcare plan AND a very detrimental Cap and Trade bill will be passed, both of which guarantees high taxes on all of us, plus trillions more added to the deficit. Private health care insurance and medicine  will not compete with the government mandates, and healthcare workers will leave the field. Right now there is a shortage of nurses and this will only get worse. Industries will be ruined, jobs lost, and taxpayers — you and me — will see our utility bills double, the quality of our healthcare decline, and taxes raised. Obama guarantees getting these bills WILL BE PASSED ASAP, and apparently what Obama wants, the Democratic Congress gives. We are in crisis mode now and disaster WILL happen if we listen to Obama. In spite of all this proposed spending, politicians have now also decided that the $800+ billion Stimulus Bill isn’t working as fast as it should (even though only 5% to 10% of the money has been spent) and they are proposing ANOTHER MASSIVE STIMULUS PACKAGE of how many more hundred billion? Not stated!

Obama has already told us that America is broke, that there is no more money. He has pledged to have a pay-go system for spending (We don’t spend if we don’t have the money.) Yet he continues to spend like a drunken sailor, like there is no tomorrow; you know a trillion here, several hundred billion there, we’ll cut healthcare cost to compensate and tax the wealthy more (and more and more and more, ad infinite) Apparently, Obama thinks the wealthy and big industry and corporations can pay for it all, but that’s not going to happen. Already, many wealthy have all sorts of tax loop-holes and off-shore accounts that keep them from paying much if any taxes. For example, I found out just recently that Goldman Sachs earned more than two billion dollars last year while taking Tarp funds, yet they pay no taxes. Why? I don’t know. But mark my words, if Healthcare and Cap-and-Trade bills pass, if another stimulus bill is promoted, businesses will move overseas to keep from paying the massive proposed taxes and the common folks will suffer.

These are not just my ideas. In the words of Orin Hatch, noted Senator from Utah, “Obama will tax us into oblivion…Obama is hiding much of the cost of healthcare under budgetary gimmickry…Cap and trade will add to America’s budget problems by taxation, loss of jobs, and increased costs of energy.”

Help provide America with its much needed “run-a-way ramp” to stop this massive, out-of-control eighteen wheeler in its tracks. Take these political issues seriously. Call your elected officials and protest. NOW!

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