Economic Policy: People Power

by CJFosdick on February 4, 2009

Aren’t you thrilled that Daschle had to remove his name from nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services? I was! This is because enough people called their legislators and complained. To me, this is momentous. THE PEOPLE SPOKE, AND THEY WERE HEARD. In my various blog messages and ezime articles, I, along with many others, have urged people to call Congress and complain about Daschle. It is gratifying to know they did.

Well, folks, we have to do it again. CALL YOUR SENATORS AND LET THEM KNOW HOW UNHAPPY AMERICA IS WITH THE SO-CALLED STIMULUS BILL. It is not a stimulus bill at all. It is so filled with pork that some are calling it the “PORKULUS BILL”.
Just this morning, more pork was added, bringing the total amount of the bill up to $905 Billion. $11 billion was added to give people buying a new car a break. Tell me, if people can’t afford to buy a new car now with the terrible state of the economy, how this enable them to by a car? No new money is going to go into their pockets, so how will they be able to buy the car in the first place. Talk about illogical economic policies!

Another $6.5 billion was added for NIH Research. For what, you ask? NIH means National Institute of Health. How many people do you figure can be added to the labor force to research health? A thousand? Ten thousand? Just for a mere $6.5 billion? A real bargain, I would say.

In case you are not aware, the Stimulus Bill has over 600 pages in it. I find it hard to believe that any Senator has even read it all, let alone digested it and know what perks have been added and by whom. So much of the money in this bill will not even be spent in the next two years. Obama himself says that IT WILL TAKE YEARS TO GET US OUT OF OUR FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES. YEARS! Why? If done right, we should be on the road to recovery within a year or two according to may financial advisors, who say let the private businesses do it. Obama has also said that government IS THE ONLY THING THAT CAN SOLVE OUR FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. Can you name me one — just one government program that is run efficiently, within budget, and without massive waste? My mind is blank here.

PEOPLE POWER, IT IS TIME TO STRIKE AGAIN! Call your Senators, write letters to editors, email protests to news anchors, make phone calls, anything you can think of to stop this abominable bill from being passed. IT IS OUR MONEY THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO SPEND SO FREELY.   PROTEST before its too late!

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