Economic Stimulus Bill: Pea-Soup Fog

by CJFosdick on February 15, 2009

Have you ever driven in pea-soup fog, where you can’t see even the front of your car? I’m sure you know how scary and dangerous this is. You don’t dare stop because someone might hit you from behind; you can’t pull over because you can’t see what’s on the side of the road; and if you keep driving, you may hit the person in front of you. Fog is responsible for many chain accidents involving dozens of cars, major injuries, and often death.

What does pea-soup fog have to do with the massive monstrosity just passed called the Economic Stimulus Bill? This bill is major among Conservative Issues.  President Obama has promised time and again that ALL bills will be transparent, posted on line for all citizens to see, and will not be voted on for five days to give time for citizen rebuttal. But guess what? Just a month into his presidency, HE BROKE HIS PROMISE. There was absolutely nothing transparent about the bill. It was all pea-soup-fog-legislation:

•The bill was written by Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats with no chance for Republicans to help. The Republicans had good ideas, but were never able to debate or add to the bill.

•Obama put a tremendous amount of pressure on Congress to get the bill passed ASAP, without giving anyone time to see what was going into the bill. It was all hush-hush and hurry-up.

•Once the bill went to the Senate, the need to hurry increased. The Senate made changes without input from Republicans, then the Senate and House had to reconcile differences, again behind closed doors. This took about four hours, so you know the Democrats already knew what they were going to agree on.

•The Economic Stimulus Bill was printed about midnight on Thursday, all 1075 pages of it. The House started voting at 9 A.M. Friday and the Senate in the afternoon. NOT ONE SENATOR OR REPRESENTATIVE HAD TIME TO READ THE FINISHED BILL. NONE OF THEM KNEW WHAT WAS IN IT, BUT VOTED ANYWAY. IT WAS NEVER POSTED ON LINE, AND COMMON FOLKS NEVER HAD EVEN A FEW HOURS TO REVIEW IT.

•What did Obama say about breaking his word to the American people? “I didn’t mean a bill that was for an emergency had to be posted; just regular ordinary bills.” Talk about a ready excuse! THE SENATE AND HOUSE JUST PASSED THE BIGGEST SPENDING BILL IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, OVER $1 TRILLION, with interest added. Nobody, not even the legislators knows what is in this PEA-SOUP-FOG BILL. It was passed in haste, behind closed doors, shutting out all Republican input.

Oh, I know, Obama met with the Republicans before this bill was started and asked for their ideas. The problem IS, Obama didn’t inform Nancy and Harry to include the Republicans in the legislative process. JUST ANOTHER OBAMA BROKEN PROMISE: “I’LL WORK ACROSS THE ISLE.” IT’S LIKE AMERICA HAS BEEN PLUNGED INTO THICK, PEA-SOUP FOG, FULL OF DANGERS AND SCARY AS ALL GET-OUT!

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