Economic Stimulus Package: Doomsday, February 17, 2009

by CJFosdick on February 11, 2009

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The economic stimulus bill is at the top of the list for Conservative Issues right now. This bill actually is the “Obama Mantra” as pledged in his primary and election campaigns. It is like an out-of-control 18 wheeler speeding toward a precipice with the bridge out. Nearly every far-left program Obama pledged before the election, is included in this bill in one form or another, designed to add government control over most of our lives and make so much of America dependent on government, that it will help insure Democrats win in future elections. This bill has not yet been voted on by the Senate, then it needs to be reconciled with the House Bill. There is still time to call both your Senators and House Members not to vote for it.     

Have you ever seen a trillion dollars written out? It has twelve zeroes, $1,000,000,000,000. It is extremely difficult for most of us to picture just how much money the Democrats are asking American citizens to spend on this monstrosity. A billion seconds ago, it was 1959. A trillion seconds ago, Jesus was walking the earth. With a trillion dollars, we could buy ALL the major private companies in America, such as Microsoft, Google, Ebay, Pepsico, VISA, and Coke, and still have about $27 billion left as change. Doesn’t this stagger your mind? It does mine.

And Obama is pushing as hard as he can to get the bill passed He is telling America if the Economic Stimulus Bill isn’t on his desk ready to signed by February 16th, our economic crisis will change into a catastrophe. Yes, the bill has to be passed and it has to be passed in haste, so no one will really know what it contains. And it MUST include the major spending Obama wants.

So what happens if the bill isn’t on Obama’s desk by February 16th? Will Doomsday hit America on February 17th? Will we be plunged into a frenzied, black chaos? Will America fall, never to EVER be strong again? Obama threatens this might happen. Obama’s bloodcurdling messages of doom and gloom are resounding throughout America. He says that this massive spending bill (and he has now admitted himself that it is a spending bill and not a stimulus bill) HAS TO BE PASSED, OR ELSE! You know, scare us the hell to death, so we’ll be on his side. Remember the date: Doomsday, February 17, 2009, and act now!

Or will life continue? America needs help with the economy NOW. ASAP! Most of the money in this bill will not even be spent in the next two or three years. If Doomsday is so near, what are we going to do between February 17th and 2010 or 2011?  Wake up, America. Urge your Senators and Representatives to stay strong and vote “NO!”   

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