Educational Issues: An Ever-Spreading Vicious Cycle

by CJFosdick on January 12, 2009

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In less than four decades, Liberal faculty members at American colleges and universities have grown in numbers until now they profoundly outnumber Conservative professors. In fact, 85% to 95% professors today are Liberal, “having successfully purged most Conservatives from American campuses.”* These Liberals have taught the future reporters, teachers, government officials, lawyers, actors, and, in general, all higher education students, so that graduates going out into the world of work, all have been taught a decided liberal viewpoint. By today, second generation Liberal Professors are teaching the current already-liberally-indoctrinated students in more liberalism. These second generation liberals have never even been taught the Conservative points of view. Oh, the professors include the conservative issues, all right, but they do this by sarcasm, disbelief that anyone could possibly believe such nonsense, and scorn.

This is a major education issue today, because almost all college graduates are now influencing most of American youth and adults to become liberals. For example, teachers from pre-school up through graduate school are brainwashing our young people to think there is only one side worth believing — the liberal side. This includes views on wars, on border protection, on benefits of socialism, and the big-brother syndrome of government control over all aspects of our lives, to name a few.

This conservative education issue has become a major problem to the future of America. First, many of these Liberal professors are extremely liberal to the place of being radical. Remember Ward Churchill, Colorado University, who taught his students 9/11 was America’s fault?  Remember William Ayres, unrepentant terrorist who bombed the Pentagon? He is now teaching early education to future grade school teachers. Scary? You bet!

Liberal professors like these and others are teaching students what to think, not how to think as they should be, by allowing only one side of a controversial issue. They are violating student’s freedoms: right to dissent, freedom of speech, and freedom to question and form their own opinions with respectful disagreement, not acrimony.  They squelch conservative education, and conservative-thinking students with political correctness by calling them homophobes, racists, or sexists.* These put-downs are very effective.

It has become a vicious ever-spreading cycle, starting at the top of the feeding chain and spiraling downward, reaching into the very depths of every aspect of American life. If Conservatives don’t do something to stop this cycle, pretty soon there will not be a Conservative side. Think about it!

*Check out David Horowitz’ new book, The Professor, for more information.

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