Freedom Watch: Looking Ahead to 2009

by CJFosdick on January 1, 2009

One Nation Under God
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A brand New Year has started and a new Freedom Watch for America is beginning. In 2008, America was wounded financially, thus affecting world economy and stability. Minority groups used radical techniques to press their agendas, increasing hate in America. Politicians wrangle and fight producing one of the most do-nothing legislatures in the history of our country. Threats from overseas fanatics, rogue nations, and former enemies such as Russia have multiplied. Terrorist attacks happen regularly overseas and America is just one mistake away from another attack. The year 2012 is prophesied as the year the world will end, because Nostradamus has so predicted. Fear often seems to be overtaking rational thought. In fact, I just heard on national TV yesterday that America will be fighting a civil war by 2010 that will break America into six pieces. If Americans listen to the “Doom and Gloom” prophesies from 2008, America seems done for.

In this beginning of 2009, Americans need to set aside differences for awhile, and band together as one America.  We must all join together in a Freedom Watch for our future. First and foremost, we must remain Americans, proud of our heritage, and not let our selves feel defeated. We must keep the faith that America is still the greatest country in the history of the world. We can divide again later into various factions, because this is a democracy and we have the right. Many peoples worldwide don’t have this right.
America has grown and continues to grow from that country of our founding fathers to today’s hectic on-the-go nation. In some ways the past is very much alive today. America still is and always has been a giant, sprawling, rambunctious, fun-loving, generous nation where everyone has the chance, the opportunity to become someone, to lead a good life, to work and play, and raise children in a better world than what we ourselves have known. Ways of living from the past have reached down to us today holding us all together in one great nation. We were Americans, proud and free then. We are still Americans, proud and free. I stand with millions of other Americans in one great salute to the United States of America in this beginning of a brand New Year. Let us work together to make the year, 2009, better than 2008, one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

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