From One to Many: Identity Politics

by CJFosdick on January 7, 2015

Hate is a very corrosive emotion. Not only is hate bad for us, but it also seems to be growing here in America. Far too many of us seem consumed with hate. Often we allow identity politicians (politics emphasizing or promoting one group of people at the expense of another group) to rob us of sane thoughts. We allow hate speech to influence us when ordinarily we wouldn’t give such talk the time of day.

America has worked so hard to put hate between races and those different from ourselves behind us, to accept those who are unlike ourselves, make friends with others of a different race or ethnic group, and move more surely towards a color blind society, accepting. We had come a long way to become a people who don’t even notice differences such as skin color, shape of eyes, or other physical traits. We have become more accepting of those with differing educational levels, economic status, and ethnic backgrounds. We have come a long ways those of a different religion and those with strange customs. We might have succeeded if left alone to heal our differences, but no, politics are pulling at the fabric of America, tearing it apart, even ripping large holes in our great country.

In a matter of just a few years, I feel America has taken several giant steps backwards into the world of dislike, suspicion, and even hate of others who look and act different without even giving someone a chance to let us know who they really are beyond their physical appearance. I personally believe that modern politics are the biggest culprit here. Identity Politics is one of the main culprit. We are divided into different voting groups: blacks, whites, Hispanics, old, young, rich, poor, conservative, liberal, rural, city dwellers, north, south, male, female, on and on. Study after study emphasize the difference in voting habits of these groups, so it is not enough to just say anymore that we are all Americans. We came from many to one, felt a sense of patriotism at being American. After all, today, patriotism is very old fashioned and we live in a very modern world where feeling of pride in America is now out of date, it is belittled, and it is certainly not anything a modern member of society should feel much pride in being.

So many of us no longer think of fellow Americans are like ourselves, even with the differences between us. We notice differences. Liberals are hell bent on changing the good things about America. They say Conservatives hate old people, women, and want to keep America back in the dark ages. Blacks are whatever stereotype you think of when thinking of Blacks. Some won’t let the stereotypes die. After all, how can politicians reach out to the various voting groups if they don’t know how the different groups vote? So as “experts” continue to dissect American society into voting groups and the name of the game is to pit one group of Americans against another group, American cannot mend. Efforts of people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Billy Graham to heal and bring us together seems for naught in today’s fractured society.

It is like we are now, “From one to many.” Identity Politics is winning. We must all be aware of what is happening under our very eyes and stop the hate and division. We cannot allow America to be corroded the way it is being today. We cannot have Blacks hating Police, people envying others doing good when they are not, of having whites labeled with the label of being born in white privilege and there are better than others. We cannot let one group of politicians belittle the different party as having a war on women or the second group labeling the first as being anti-American. Where will it end?

That’s easy! With “We the People”. We must speak out. We must let those dividing America this is unacceptable. IN OUR PERSONAL LIVES WE MUST GO BACK TO BEING, “FROM MANY TO ONE”. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS. LETS PULL TOGETHER AND REFUSE TO LET POLITICIANS CONTINUE TO DIVIDE US.

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