George Soros: “Conscience” of the World

by CJFosdick on October 9, 2016

Part 3

The first time I heard of Barack Obama was when he gave his keynote speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004. At that time, I also heard that he was an up-and-coming Democrat who might be President one day. Was this a prophecy or was it pre-ordained at that time that he would run for president? The “Silent-Powers-that-Be, like George Soros, who pulled the puppet’s strings, and helped get Obama to the top of the heap among Democrats wanted it? Whatever, Obama won the Democratic Nomination for President in 2008. P.100

Glen Beck on George Soros: Soros funds a lot of organizations that want to destroy America. He has already collapsed 4 different countries. For years, he has given $500 million to the most radical groups in America. In his own words, he has controlled the airways that want Beck & O’Reilly off the airwaves. All this is out in the open. Soros doesn’t believe in God, but rather feels he is Messianic — some kind of God, himself. “I’m larger than life. Invisible, benevolent, all seeing. The world very much needs a conscience. I want my foundation network to be the conscience of the world.” The problem is, Soros’ concept of conscience is not the standard, accepted definition of conscience. Whatever Soros may or may not be, he is a very dangerous man, and we Americans need to always be alert to what he and others like him are doing behind the scenes. There are other far-left behind-the-scene liberals actively working at America’s downfall. This is not some game. Real people are being hurt. He says in his own words, that America is his next target. He has focused his attention on the U.S. and is devaluing the dollar to bring about big time inflation. p.86

Right now as the New Year starts, (2008) many of Obama’s backers are terribly upset with him. Why? Because in the Lame Duck session, Obama and the Conservative side both made concessions to pass the Bush Tax Plan for 13 more months.

In fact, the Far Liberal Left is furious. In the words of George Soros, a behind-the-scenes mover and shaker, “If Obama cannot do the job (of ruling to the left) we will find someone who will.” This speaks of George Soros power. p.170

Taken from: Carolyn J. Fosdick: Our World Turned Upside Down, 2011, Self Published: Most information taken from Fosdick’s Blog Site,

George Soros handpicked young Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) to be President. He carefully designed, groomed, and crafted Barry to become the Anti-American President, Barack Obama. Obama has a lifelong association with hardcore Anti-American Radical Groups. Finding out about Obama’s socialist background is not difficult, but one thing that is true is that Obama is a true believer in Socialism. Soros had been backing Hillary for the 2008 president, but decided that Obama’s values were closer to his own. Soros had a meeting with Obama in Soro’s New York office in December, 2007. On January 16, 2008, Obama announced he would form an exploratory committee to run for president. Within hours, Soros sent Obama a contribution of $2,100, the maximum amount allowable by campaign laws. Later, that same week, Soros announced he would be supporting Obama rather than Hillary. Soros is estimated to have poured millions of dollars into Obama’s campaigns of 2008 and 2012. (Source: Discover The Networks, February 2011.)

Soros earned his billions of dollars by manipulating world currencies giving an inordinate amount of influence on US foreign policy and on the manipulation of political parties, media organizations, web sites, “civil societies”, and even governments around the world. His organization engages in “democracy manipulation” and George is a keen manipulator of economic crises throughout the world. (Taken from:

In today’s world, Soros donated $8 million to assist Obama’s Immigration Order to “produce 1-million new citizens before election day” (Nov. 6, 2016) by relaxing the rules, regulations, and fees surrounding naturalization and citizenship process. Soros aims his efforts at Europe and the United States when he is tearing away at current world order. The refugee crisis is opening new opportunities of “coordination and collaboration” with other wealthy donors. “Let’s keep the refugee ‘crisis’ percolating and growing so we can achieve our goal of redistributing global wealth while changing global order.” (

A hacked document from George Soros Open Society reveals that the billionaire and his foundation helped to successfully press the Obama administration to raise the number of Syrian refugees to 100,000 from the original planned 70,000 Syrian refugees per year. (From (To date I have heard there are now 110,000 Syrian refuges in America in 2016. With three months left this year I wonder how many will be taken in this year?)

In the current election, George Soros has donated $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other Democrats as of July 27, 2016. People close to Soros says he is more politically engaged in this election because he has a combination of faith in Hillary (to do as he wants?) and fear of her rival, Donald Trump. In addition he is donating to various organizations to stop Trump and other Republican candidates. For example, he gave $5 million to a Latino voter outreach group to get them to vote for Hillary, and $5 million to fight court cases to a group fighting in court against state laws requiring ID to vote. (Source: NY Times.)

Get the picture? How much more money do you think Soros has donated to Hillary’s campaign since 7/27/16? What other mischief you think George Soros is causing in America’s politics? What about worldwide unrest? Do you think Soros might be causing a lot of the chaos in the world? There I so much that we do not know about Soros. It is very scary!

On the brighter side of things, George Soros is now 85 years old. Surely his idea of One World Order with himself as Emperor/King/Dictator/Ruler of the Whole Wide World will end at his death. However he does have five children.

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