Government Issues: Assessment of Obama’s First Four Months Part 1 Overview

by CJFosdick on May 30, 2009

The Conservative View

With about 1/4th of a year passed with Obama as president, some trends seem to be emerging about his leadership. One thing for sure, Obama has changed the face of America more in the four months than any other president, even FDR. This is an important government issue that affects everyone. Here is an assessment of Obama’s first four months:

•Fiscal Responsibility: Candidate Obama talked about fiscal responsibility and the government living within its means. Yet President Obama has increased our nation’s national debt from a high under President Bush of $700 billion to trillions of dollars.  He spends more money faster than any president in the history of America and is planning billions—trillions more for his socialized health care program, “Green-Save-the-World Global Warming Strategies”, New Social-Leveling-the-Playing-Field-Plans, and Federal Help for Education to name a few.

•Transparency: Candidate Obama promised to have his reign transparent, unlike the Bush government. Yet, Obama has been anything but transparent. He excuses his lack of transparency by saying every bill passed has to be in a hurry because of some crisis or other. Right now, he is pressing for the hurried acceptance of Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Judge without giving time to really study her past judgments. Why the hurry? Obama wants everything done in a hurry. He is unwilling to give Americans time to learn or speak out on issues of concern.

•Looking forward rather than back — another broken promise: Obama has assured us repeatedly that he wants to build a new tomorrow, not dwell on the past. In fact, in his speech on May 21, 2009, he said he was not here to relive the past, but would look to the future. Yet in the same speech, he referred to Bush in a negative manner twenty-eight times. In fact, he continually, in almost every speech he makes, slams the Bush Administration.  He seems so vindictive towards the past administration that he released secret documents on Bush procedures, yet so far he has failed to release any documents showing the results of the Bush  Harsh Interrogation Methods, blatantly unfair. But Obama does not seem to worry about fariness.

•Obama promised he would work across the aisle. He did make an effort right at first to reach out to Republicans, but has not tried to since. And with his two willing cohorts, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, in the House and Senate, who have completely cut Republicans out of any bill under discussion, there is NO opportunity to reach across the aisle. Republicans at this point have literally no say in the proceedings.

•National Defense: Obama is being tested by nearly every danger spot in the world right now: North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, China, Somalia (Pirates), and so on. He has stood surprisingly strong in some ways, especially in Afghanistan, but seems hesitant to really take a stand elsewhere. He has repeatedly apologized worldwide for America and made it sound like many of these trouble spots are America’s fault. He has yet to get any help from our European friends, even though they seem to absolutely love him. He said he would close Gitmo by year’s end, although he has no plan on how to do this. I think he is finding out that keeping America safe is much more difficult than he thought as a candidate.

The conservative view from here is that Obama has failed to live up to many of his promises and does things in a rush that should be thoughtfully considered before action is taken.  Some Government Issues are in such a flux of change that we the people cannot keep up. Yes, this is change we can count on, like he promised.

While this post takes all the seriousness of the current state of affairs, if you want to look at the lighter side of things and laugh check out this post on the Obama commemorative coin and the “change” we are really looking for as Americans. Hope you smile!

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