Congress Reaches Boiling Point: Possible Government Shut Down

by CJFosdick on April 6, 2011

2011 Budget Fights

The minutes tick by, getting America closer and closer to a government shutdown on Friday, April 8, 2011, if Congress does not come to agreement on a budget for 2011. Yes, I said 2011. This budget should have been hashed out by October, 2010, but Democrats did not want to get into such a controversial fight before the 2010 elections. They never even brought the budget up, nor did they in the Lame Duck session — 3 months from the midterm election to the beginning of 2011. So at the last minute, to keep the government from shutting down, a temporary two week budget was passed, then a second temporary budget for three weeks. This second temporary budget expires on Friday, April 6th, and the government will be shut down if a budget is not agreed on before then.


Here is a short Civics lesson: Obama is the leader and it is his responsibility to first make his own budget plan and present it to Congress so as fund his goals for 2011. The House then debates the budget, makes changes they want, compromising between Democrats and Republicans, and finally, they vote on it. They in turn send it to the Senate who finalizes the budget with their own amendments and changes, then vote on it. It goes back to the House to vote on any changes the Senate added and the budget is finalized. It is then sent to the President for his signature. It takes time for all this to transpire. All this should have been done by October 2010. As the Democrats were in charge of all three branches of government, so this can in no way be blamed on Republicans.


So Obama belatedly takes notice of the situation and decided in this last week to show some leadership. So on Tuesday, April 5th, he calls a meeting between Speaker Boehner and Senate Leader Harry Reed. The Obama, great leader that he is, then shows up unexpectedly at the daily press conference. He says that the budget should have been done three months ago. Duh! He says Congress needs to act like adults instead of squabbling like little kids, and reach a compromise and get the budget passed. Everybody is going to have to give a little. No side will get all it wants. Obama insists he does not want the government shut down. Come, come, Obama, you are the adult in charge. Grow up yourself. It’s a little late for you to try and take control of the budget mess three days before the shutdown happens. But,  I suppose better late than never.


Obama is supposed to meet with the leaders again today, Wednesday, April 5th. But I heard he is not even going to be in the White House at least part of the day, because he is traveling to about three other places for reasons unstated. President Obama, if the government does shut down, the whole mess will be on your shoulders. Your lack of leadership has once again placed America in one hell of a mess.  How can you as leader arbitrate differences between the Republicans and Democrats, if you are not even in Washington? This is just more evidence of you lack of leadership.

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