Great Depression and Now: Is Obama Another FDR, Part 2

by CJFosdick on April 19, 2010

President Obama said on 4/14/2010 that even though MANY may not like it, America is a superpower. We may not like it. We may not like it? Good godfry. What in bloody blazes is Obama wishing for our great country. He seems to want America to fall into mediocrity, to lose our greatness, to become a weak, second-rate country. Right now he is the most powerful man in the world. DOES OBAMA NOT REALIZE THAT IF AMERICA FALLS FROM BEING THE WORLD’S SUPERPOWER TO A SECOND RATE POWER, HE WILL NO LONGER REMAIN THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD?”

I cannot help but compare Obama to one of America’s greatest presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR was so popular, he was elected to four terms, he steered America not only through the devastating years of the Great Depression, but also through the scary times of World War II. In my opinion, there is no comparison between the two men. However, many liberal pundits have made such a comparison, trying their best to convince people that Obama is the second coming of FDR. What utter nonsense.

Roosevelt remains one of America’s greatest leaders, while Obama, in my opinion, is a little, super-sensitive, critical-of-anyone- who-criticizes-him, man masquerading as God. When I heard what Obama said about not being proud of America being a super power, I felt like weeping for my country. I felt betrayed. I felt saddened, and I fear for my beloved country’s future.

I am not alone. A PEW poll done on April 8-11, 2010, showed that eight out of ten Americans do not trust the government, that trust under Obama’s leadership is declining steadily.

Now, there are some striking similarities between the Depression Era and today’s world. Both leaders have/had a massive economic downturn which started before their presidency, with high unemployment lasting months and, during the Depression, lasting years. Both times are/were facing a threat of world domination by fanatical madmen. Both have started social programs requiring massive growth of the Federal Government. And for both, there is/was a great deal of social unrest.

However, the reason for this unrest is one of the major difference between the two leaders. The Depression was a period of social unrest with the face of poverty stamped on the faces of so many people. FDR almost immediately started social programs THAT PUT PEOPLE BACK TO WORK, with his WPA and CCC programs. He gave hope to the people of a better tomorrow. Obama talks big about hope. He has spent several hundreds of billions of dollars America did not have to supposedly stimulate the economy and get jobs for jobless Americans. It hasn’t worked and, at best, has not created many real jobs. The reason for the social unrest today is because Obama has put America’s future into real danger of economic ruin. FDR solved problems while Obama has talked about solving economic problems and does the opposite.

One of the first speeches FDR made to America’s people was his famous, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” He gave weekly fireside talks on the radio that kept Americans encouraged and gave them reasons for hope. Obama often gives daily speeches, but they no longer inspire most of the masses of Americans. In fact, in just sixteen months, over 50% of the Americans who listened to Obama’s speeches has grown angrier and more disenfranchised regularly. Example: Obama said just on 4/17/2010, he is going to get another bill massive spending bill passed and he will do it with or without Republican input. This from the hopey-changy president who pledged to work across the aisle. WQW! This speech, like many others of Obama, neither inspires hope nor does it make Obama likeable to the folks. The divide between Conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, has widened and deepened under Obama’s leadership. Many, like me, now fear for America’s future; we pray that Obama does not destroy America’s greatness. Why? One reason is so many of Obama’s speeches apologizes to the world for America, as if he is ashamed of the greatness we have now, hard-earned greatness that many Americans have fought and died for.

Roosevelt’s whole philosophy was to try something to ease the misery created by the Great Depression. If something didn’t work, he’d try something else until he found something that did work. I researched the Depression in several books for my novels, The Bjorn Trilogy.* Obama, on the other hand, wants the Federal Government to seize as much power as it can in as short a time as possible. As we can see, Obama is no Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR, the great leader who held America together, a leader still admired and honored. OBAMA MAY RUIN AMERICA WITH HIS POLICIES, WHILE FDR BUILT AMERICA’S GREATNESS. THINK ABOUT IT.

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Alexander December 16, 2015 at 11:15 am

Oh. So it’s a fact that Obama was responsible for the lafyofs even before he became president? Here’s a little fact for you: Layoffs are planned as the result of an economic downturn, not by who’s ahead in the polls on a given day. You’re blinded to these facts and others because you’re looking at everything through the prism of your political idealogy, which has been further stirred up by the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity. If you try to look at things objectively, maybe you’ll have a clearer perspective of what is fact and what is fiction.


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