Changing the Red, White, and Blue to Green

by CJFosdick on January 19, 2011

Obama is so absolutely, totally determined to have a “Green America” that he cannot think any other way. He seems blinded by his own fixed ideas, and will not change his mind, come hell or high water. He announced in November, 2010 a new major wind farm project along the Atlantic coast that is receiving federal money to build it. As of now, we have spent more money on wind and solar power than it costs to put a man on the moon.

Over the last thirty years we have spent over $75 billion on these green forms of energy, and they still are not very efficient. Obama wants to pour still more tax subsidies to speed up leases on the wind farms, but it turns out that wind and solar energy are not very steady forms of power, and need a back-up power,  such as coal-burning or other traditional forms of electricity to keep the power flowing steadily. Obama wants to build the power lines to bring the wind power ashore and these will be hugely expensive. He is forcing wind power down taxpayer’s throats. After all this expenditure, we still get only about 2% of our energy needs from wind and solar power after thirty years of trying.

After all this expenditure of money into wind and solar, the EPA is not letting out any new permits for coal mining and oil drilling. Obama has so muddied the waters with new rules and regulations around the development of America’s vast supplies of fossil fuel, and thus has placed so many obstacles in the way of new development that he is massively killing jobs. This puts America’s future in jeopardy by forcing us to remain dependent on the whims of OPEC for our supply of oil. He has “tilted the playing field very much in favor of the least-efficient manners of getting energy. This will also increase energy costs.”*

Problems with ethanol and bio-diesel development continue to plaque green-energy development. For example, it costs over $8.00 a gallon to make bio-diesel which will sell at the pumps for perhaps $3.00. Corn grown for ethanol needs extra water, so this has leached the land of nutrients, needing the use of more fertilizers, and this extra is going into streams and rivers causing water pollution. Green gas has created shortages of corn for food, and also caused a rise in the cost of food production, because of corn formerly used for food is now being used for ethanol. It uses more electricity produced by coal, a fossil fuel to develop the ethanol, than it does making gas from oil.

Obama is really pushing electric cars. They seem to be the bright spot today in the alternative energy quest. But wait. Electric cars cost several thousand dollars more than a gas car, even with a hefty government paid bonus to buyers. And, of course, taxpayers pay for these bonuses, but the cars are still expensive. The cars run with a battery having a range of around 50 miles before that battery needs recharged. They do have a back-up gasoline system, using the same old polluting fossil fuel. Maybe in “Obama Land” 50 miles would be adequate, but here in Folkland it wouldn’t be a drop in the bucket, I mean gas tank, to go 50 miles, and need the gas back-up system. Finally, experts estimate that if electric cars really catch on, America will no longer produce enough electricity to charge these cars up, and America will face severe energy shortfalls.

I am not saying that America needs to disband the search for fossil fuel substitutes. It makes sense to continue this mission. We need to keep our planet as green as possible. But for Obama to be so short-sighted as to pump $Billions into green-energy projects, while at the same time, killing exploration and production of America’s vast resources of oil, natural gas, clean coal, and nuclear power.  This is killing thousands of jobs needed right now, and making America far too depended on OPEC as gas prices continue to go up. Moderation, President Obama. We can do both, double the potential number of jobs, make America more independent of foreign powers, and work towards a greener America.
* Fox News, 11/21/2010

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