Health Care Bill: A Gleaming Light in the Chilling Murkiness

by CJFosdick on June 19, 2009

At last! I saw a gleaming light in the chilling murkiness of debates over the proposed health care bill being foisted off on America. Political issues, aside, the Health Care Bill effects every man, woman, and child in America. It happened last night as I was watching the news. The light didn’t quite come from the horse’s mouth itself, Obama, but almost. It was Obama’s spokesman, Robert Gibbs, who said the illuminating phrase.

To get some background, Congress has been grappling with mapping out Obama’s health care bill. As usual, Obama wants the bill passed in a big hurry, without giving time to really come up with a valid bill. In Congress, there are several committees working on the bill, which is already several hundred pages longer than the stimulus bill, a bill that was also passed in a hurry without giving anyone time to read it, let alone debate the issues. With the stimulus bill, the American public was completely cut out of the planning process, as they are now being cut out of the planning of the current health care bill. So is public debate. As one spokesman said, “Congress retreated BEHIND CLOSED DOORS to debate further.”

This is exactly what Obama said he doesn’t want. He says he wants healthy debate and will listen to everyone who has differing political issues. Yes, Obama talks a good talk, but, unfortunately he is talking the talk, but not walking the walk. As usual, he is very insincere. What is being planned for the future of American health care is so muddied, so convoluted, that the little bits and pieces of it that trickle out to us, the folks, give us no idea of the scope and breadth of this health care bill. We definitely need debate before this bill is crammed down our throats. THIS BILL WILL EFFECT EVERY AMERICAN IN WAYS WE CANNOT EVEN FATHOM and most Americans think not for the good.

This health care bill will change the face of America, and poles show that America is not in favor of the proposals, that about 80% of Americans are not only satisfied with their health care, but also with their health care insurance. Yes, most folks feel some change is needed, but are totally against government taking over health car as Obama wants.

But the debates never transpire. Nor will they. I found out why last night. Robert Gibbs, Obama’s mouthpiece, said with that smirky little smirk he gets, “We have already had a debate on health care in America. This debate happened in November. (It was called the election) and WE WON!”

Honest. I heard him — the gleaming light breaking through the chilling murkiness of Obama madness. So, the debate on the health care bill is over. We’ve already had it. Now, it is time for the Congress and House to get behind closed doors and craft whatever the Democrats and Obama want, cutting out Republican input as much as possible.

Beware, America. The health care bill is not yet passed. If you don’t like what is going on, protest! Take a stand! Make your voice be heard.

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