Health Care Reform: A Tangled Mess

by CJFosdick on September 29, 2009

The more Congress works on trying to come up with a viable healthcare reform bill, the more of a tangled mess it becomes. The game Congress is playing with America’s healthcare future has gone from the ridiculous to the absolutely farcical. The latest senate bill, by Senator Baucus, was barely off the press before eager-beaver Senators were busily adding amendments to it, over five hundred, in fact. One such amendment, however, has all ready been voted down — that is to post the final resulting bill for a period of 72 hours with all its amendments attached before the Senate votes on it. Yes, that amendment has been voted down. THE PUBLIC, YOU AND I, WILL NOT SEE THIS BILL BEFORE THE SENATE VOTES ON IT.  Now if this doesn’t jerk your chain, I don’t know what will. Going further, Nancy Pelosi has said she is going to write her own bill. I thought she had already done that. What was that 1000+ page monstrosity that came out of the House before the August break?

I tell you folks, come hell or high water, our duly elected Senators and Representatives are determined to pass what they and our duly elected president, Obama, want in the healthcare reform bill, irregardless of what we citizens want, and we know we won’t get a chance to see the final version before it is passed into law. For example, we will not be sure that language in it prohibits federal money going for abortions. We will not know if there are safeguards to keep illegal aliens from being included. We will not know until we have the law in force if there is a public option in it or not, something the public is dead set against. Obama himself has assured us that none of these will be in the final bill, but it is my guess that all three will be included — federally funded abortions, illegal aliens getting government funded healthcare, and the public option where the government will be providing healthcare insurance to all or most of America. Ben Stine, actor and economist has his own suggestion for healthcare reform bill: “Give poor people (about 10, 000 now uninsured) the money to get a bare bones healthcare insurance policy and just leave the rest of us the hell alone.”*

Right now, the fight over healthcare reform seems like a free-for-all, a really tangled mess. My mind gets eternally numb from all the ins and outs and assurances of what’s in the  various bills and what isn’t, the shaded nuances I cannot understand, the lies and misconceptions piled on by our elected officials — on and on it goes. I doubt seriously if our Congress even knows what is in the assorted bills yet to be reconciled into one massive bill that will change the future of American healthcare and 1/7th  of our economy. What a mess!

I think it would be much better to completely scrap every bill and suggestion already made for healthcare reform, just throw it all into the circular file in the corner, wait until next year, and start over fresh. Any semblance of a coherent, workable bill coming out of this tangled mess is virtually non-existent. The popular view: NO MATTER HOW BAD THINGS ARE NOW, CONGRESS CAN ALWAYS MAKE THINGS WORSE.* They right now are making a terrible bill worse.

*Fox Business Block, 9/26/09

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