How Do You Know if You Live in Folkland? Part 2

by CJFosdick on July 27, 2010

How do you know if you are in Folkland? If you still don’t lock your door at night, you live in Folkland. Or if you finally started locking it, but miss the good-old-days. And you still leave your keys in the ignition when you get home. If you breakdown along the road and someone stops to help you, you’re in Folkland. If you drive a pickup, jeep, or other SUV by choice, you are a “Folklander” at heart, even if you live in a big city. Many of the roads you drive, including the one to your own doorstep, probably isn’t paved, may be full of mud, rocks, dust, snow — you name it, and those “teeny-weiny-tiny-electric jobbies-where you can drive for a whopping fifty miles before recharging the battery are, in your opinion, monstrosities foisted off on the public by Washington D.C. that maybe — maybe can hold two people and one briefcase (you have to share briefcases) and frankly, in Folkland, you’re pretty dad-gummed suspicious of Washington and all the fat cats there getting rich at your expense. And you feel these egocentric so-and-so’s are progressively ruining this great country that you love so deeply.

In Folkland, in your SUV, you probably have a rifle or two in the gun rack above your head, just in case you see a critter like a coyote to shoot. This means that you have a hunting license in your wallet. And probably a NRA Membership Card! Also, there is a fishing license and fishing gear in the back, because you never know when you’ll be driving past a likely-looking creek for fishing. Yep, you’re in Folkland. Country music, gospel songs, and Bluegrass sounds come from your dash radio, or if not that, some talk-show host such as Rush Limbaugh will be emanating from the Conservative airways you listen to. In Folkland, you believe in being neighborly. Benefits for those who are ill, for someone who has had a terrible accident, or perhaps a youth trying to earn money to go to a football or volleyball camp are common, and you give freely of your time, your talents, and your money. And you pray for these people you are trying to help, because you have deep-seated beliefs in God and the Holy Bible. You try to live your life according to the Gospel.

Chances are that you yourself, a son or daughter, grandkids or a relative or friend have served in the military and have helped to keep America safe from tyranny. Why? Because you know that ‘Freedom isn’t Free”. It takes everyone to keep our golden shores strong, so you and your loved ones have made the sacrifice and done your share. And yes, it bothers you when someone runs down America, when someone claims America is a bad country, when someone who can see no reason to call America special or think of America as the land of opportunity and rants about terrible America. You proudly fly the American flag, stand at attention when it passes and get passionately agitated when someone burns Old Glory, or otherwise disgraces this symbol of all that America stands for.

For these are the “Folkways in Folkland”, the beliefs we in Folkland live our lives by. We love our lives here. Life is scary some of the time, but we tend to trust in the good Lord to see us through bad times. And you know what? It’s been my experience that He does. So we “Folklanders” count our blessings, think for the most part that life is good, and that we are lucky — lucky to live in America where we are free. That, my friends, is what we “just-folks” are. This tells you where Folkland is. It’s in our hearts and in our homes. It’s how we raise our children and what we thank our God for. It’s family and neighbors and communities. It’s country and faith. We live in Folkland because we choose to. If we wanted the faster paced life in cities, we’d move there. God Bless America and God Bless our Folkland, USA. Amen.

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