The Most Important Election of Our Lives: Be Sure to Vote

by CJFosdick on November 1, 2010

If you think it isn’t important to vote in this midterm election, think again. For Conservatives, this particular election is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS TOO MUCH. So much is riding on the results of this election that it is easy to forget some of consequences that are at stake here and decide not to vote. Listed below are just a few of these:

●Changing the balance of power in the Senate and House. The more Democrats that lose their seats, the better it will be for America. It does not matter that some of the Republican, tea-party-backed candidates are lacking in experience, that they make some gaffs in their advertisements and are not as polished as a more seasoned politician, that they cannot raise the amount of money a well-known candidate might. In fact, a fresh face, a non-career politician, a person closer to the folks themselves has a lot to be desired, because one of the main problems with Congress right now is that career politicians have become so full of themselves, they have lost touch with the people who elected them. It is time to do some housecleaning and get rid of these antiquated elitists.

●Obama’s agenda must be stopped. All the liberal politicians can think of to solve America’s massive economic problems is to spend more money. Already this Congress in the last two years has voted to spend more money than has ever been spent before. In 2009, the fiscal year budget was $3.52 trillion, the highest amount ever spent here in America. In fiscal year 2010, it was only slightly lower at $3.45 trillion dollars, and Obama has already promised more spending as soon as Congress convenes again. All this money has not put people back to work. The unemployment rate remains at 9.5% (many polls show It higher) in spite of all the money spent. According to Dick Morris, “The cyclic recession is over. We are in the new normal— a man-made recession caused by this president. The economy isn’t going to come roaring back; it’s going to inch back, if that.” (10/13/2010) Obama didn’t spend this money by himself; the incumbent politicians were willing partners and need to be voted out. The unpopular Obama Healthcare bill needs to be voted out or at least changed. Since the Democrats in this Congress were the ones who voted it in, they obviously are not going to repeal it or change it.

●The cap and trade bill has already been passed by the house. If it gets passed by the Senate, it will become law and will drastically raise everyone’s energy costs, thereby hurting our already hurting economy even more. This bill will have a devastating effect on jobs and our economy and will desperately hurt the coal and oil industries here in America,

●If Obama can get just one more liberal Supreme Court justice approved in his tenure, the court will lean seriously to the left for years to come. Many of the judges are quite old, and ready to retire. The only hope of keeping another liberal judge off the court is a Congress with more conservatives than liberals on it.

Conservatives, please make sure you vote. Urge your friends and neighbors to vote. Offer to babysit, or to drive someone else to the polls if they need a ride. Like I said, this is the most important election of OUR LIFETIME. TAKE THE TIME TO VOTE. THE FUTURE OF AMERICA IS AT STAKE!

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