Democrats’ Reaction to the Massachusetts’ Election: ANGER AND FRUSTRATION

by CJFosdick on January 22, 2010

In a special election in the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts’ voters filled Senator Edward Kennedy’s seat with an Independent Republican, Scott Brown. This not only shocked the nation, but Washington D.C. itself. By the next day everyone was in a furor.  The Democrats, themselves, were in disarray.

According to Peter Johnson, Jr. a noted economist, the history of Massachusetts has a long string of famous Senators that have changed American history: Daniel Webster, great orator, John Q. Adams, Charles Sumner, famous for his anti-slavery stand, Henry Cabot Lodge, and Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. The last to hold this distinguished seat was Edward Kennedy from 1972 until 2009. Now, Scott Brown, Republican and Populist has joined this illustrious list.

Yes, the impossible happened, and the people spoke. Scott Brown won the Senate seat by a whopping five points, not just by a whisper. As one pundit put it, “This is the shot heard around the world. Democrats are scared to death.”

Claire McCaskill, Democratic Senator from Missouri, said, “If a Democrat says he/she isn’t
worried, you’d better slap that Democrat. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi now says that
there are not enough votes in the House to pass the healthcare bill. This is huge, because the main thrust of the Obama Administration has been pushing a very unpopular healthcare bill through Congress by any means, in silence, and extreme haste. Because of one man, Scott Brown, the voters have said, “Enough is enough.” (Frank Lunz, pollster.)

President Obama has no one to blame but himself; he is the one who tried to set the tone of the healthcare bill’s future by trying to get Congress to push the bill through immediately. People resented how the bill was handled, and this led to the consequent Democratic failure to win this seat. On January 20, 2010, Obama said, “I was so busy getting stuff done, I haven’t talked to the voters enough.” He now says he recognizes that the populace (common people) are angry and frustrated. Angry and frustrated? Really? And this election on 1/18/10 is his first clue? I presume it had to take a slap in the face of a Republican winning to bring the anger and frustration of the people to Obama’s attention. Not the Tea Parties, not the angry folks at the August Town House meetings, not all the polls showing America’s lack of support, and not Obama’s falling popularity ratings.  But the election did.!

The really funny part is that on Sunday before the election, Obama went to Massachusetts and really showed his snobbery of common people by running Scott Brown’s pickup down, as if anybody who drives a pickup is beneath his, Obama’s, notice. I guess he doesn’t think anyone of any worth drives a pickup. Those common people who cannot get along without their pickup were casually dismissed.  But, when Obama arrogantly runs pickup owners down, he runs down over half of Americans. OBAMA IS THE ONE OUT OF TOUCH!

Obama says he hasn’t spoken to the people enough? Nonsense! He ‘s spoken a lot: he has given forty-two news conferences, fifty-eight interviews, and a whopping 911* speeches. That folks, is almost two and a half speeches a day. If anything, Obama has spoken too many times. People don’t seriously listen to him anymore. Be that as it may, Obama flew to Denver, Colorado on 1/20/10 to give a speech to the Council of Mayors. The president flying all over the United States and the World to give his speeches is another sore point with the populace. Look at the money he wastes with all this gadding about.

The new key phrase from the White House is now “Anger and Frustration.” The “Anger and Frustration Mantra” has taken hold. Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary, said “Anger and Frustration” fifteen times in one — yes one — press conference. Gibbs, of course, gets his cues from his boss, Obama.

Now get this, Obama said the anger and frustration is because of the LAST EIGHT YEARS, i.e., THE BUSH YEARS. Yep. Blame the anger and frustration on Bush. This is another problem Obama has reaching the populace. He’s been in office now for over a year; he needs to take credit for some of the anger and frustration, but Obama doesn’t even have the decency to include the year he has been president. Now, Obama says he won’t jam healthcare through until Scott Brown is seated. That’s good. But then he says after that, “We’ll proceed in haste.” Any difference in “jamming it through”, and “proceed with haste”? Not to my ears.

I don’t think Obama gets it at all. He is mouthing words written for him to give to his teleprompter speeches so he can stick his arrogant nose in the air and say what sounds correct to the American citizens. Obama has yet to reach out and still the anger and frustration that the folks really feel. Unless, or until then, we the people have to shout louder. We need to let Obama and Democrats know of our rowing Anger and frustration. Maybe by the 2010 election, Obama and the Democrats will start listening.

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