Obama’s Character: Is Obama up to Being President?

by CJFosdick on May 26, 2011

I believe that if Obama were not President of the United States, he would have by now found his niche in life and could be successful at what he was doing. He seems to be a good husband and father. It appears he can laugh and have fun and is a likeable type guy. He mostly seems inept and is doing a terrible job as president in my opinion. He seems to have quite a problem of not thinking things through before speaking. This might be why he so often contradicts himself on decisions he has made, and often does a complete turn-around on issues. He often seems clueless of what is important to the folks. Nor does he seem much interested in learning from others or apparently taking advice from most people, especially common folks. In fact, I believe he honestly believes he is better than 98% of the Americans. He could learn a lot from the masses if he would just listen.

He apparently has learned enough by the start of his third year as president to modify what often comes out of his mouth. Or maybe his speech writers have learned more what the American people want to hear from their president. He talks as if he is proud of America, that he thinks America is a great country. He ends a speech with the words, “God Bless America”. But we Americans still remember the Apology Tour at the beginning of his presidency where he ran America down in many foreign countries. So we simply do not believe he actually believes what he is saying now. I it is all show and politics, and not much do.

Also, Obama has a great, big, humongous problem of spouting great-sounding advice, and then the next day, not following his own advice. He must believe in the saying, “Don’t do as I do; do as I say.” Maybe he feels he is above such mundane actions that ordinary folks need to follow. He, after all, has gone on record as saying he is above the rest. “I am above the rest.” Date

Here are some examples:
His words: “We must quit running each other down and get along. I’m going to meet with the Republicans and see what we can do to solve our border problems.” Then he turns right around and is back to calling  Republicans “they” and “Democrats “us”. “I’ve done everything they have asked for on the border and they still want more. Maybe a moat along the border with alligators in it,”  grinning widely as  he said this. Yeah, Mr. President, let’s just get along. By the way, you are telling big falsehoods when you tell us what “us” Democrats have done on the border. He prevaricates wildly about what he has actually accomplished in the area of border control. “They asked for a fence and we have built the entire fence they asked for.” NOT! Miles and miles of the border are unfenced and unmanned.

“They asked for more border agents. We gave them the number they asked for. NOT! The rosy picture of border control that Obama presents to the American people is frankly a putting inches on your nose . From very reliable sources such as sheriffs in counties along the border say that the border is more dangerous right now than it has ever been. We really are not that stupid, Mr. President. You know, I started this blog trying to look for good qualities in you, President Obama. I was going along fine, until I started thinking of all the things you, Obama, have said, and then all the ways you turn right around and do the exact opposite.

I’ve said it before. I don’t respect Obama. He lost my respect early on. I don’t feel he is particularly an honest man, but maybe it seems this way because he has so much trouble deciding what stand he really wants to take. Perhaps this is a sign of lack of leadership more than a matter of dishonesty. Obviously, I am trying to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. If he weren’t in such a critical leadership roll as president, he might be an OK guy. But we folks simply expect more from our President.

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