The Economy: Are America’s Best Days Behind Us?

by CJFosdick on June 17, 2011

The liberal Media is finally admitting that what is happening to America’s economy is not just a blimp or a bump in the road as Obama claimed on 6/7/2011. The liberal press is now admitting that the economy is worsening, but IT IS NOT, LET ME REPEAT; IT IS NOT OBAMA’S FAULT. IT IS AMERICA’S FAULT. It is just our best days are over. America is on the way down, so says the press. Now Obama, just the other day, was still blaming the bad economy lingering on and on and on into the infinity if necessary on Bush.*

Of course it can’t be Obama’s fault. He has only been in power for two and a half years, for heaven sakes. Let us not expect miracles! But since America is to blame, why is any of it Bush’s fault at all? Obviously! America’s best days are over, so we have to give blame where blame is due. America is at fault.*

I mean Obama has given our economy the full concentration of his mind and actions to solve America’s economic woes. He just told us he is doing this. He also said it is going to take a great deal of time to fix the problems. This is after he went on record and said that he is NOT concerned about a double dip recession befalling our nation. His words mean so much, don’t you think? I’m glad he isn’t worried. However, most Americans are worried or terribly worried, when asked about the best way to define the National Debt**:

47% say it is in crisis                                       7% say it is a minor problem
42% say it is in very serious condition            3% say it is not a problem**

In Obama’s own words, he says, “The economy is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep at night.” Now what Obama says about his concentration on our economy is sadly a familiar song and dance routine that the American public has heard emanating from Obama’s mouth over and over again. Think of how many issues he has made that same pledge about, such as the BP oil spill last summer, the economy last year, the economy in 2009, the war in Afghanistan, etc. He is indeed a very worried man. Americans have heard him say this so often it has become a joke. Actually, he often says this as he heads off for another round of golf. But the poor man is so beleaguered with problems to solve, he does seem to need a great deal of down time. He added this time, “The economy is so important that I have put Joe Biden in charge of it.” Well, that really relieves my mind. Joe is a great guy, but in charge? He isn’t that much. I can’t think of even much, off the top of my head, of anything Joe has accomplished as vice president. But at least “good ole’ Joe seems innocuous. He probably won’t do anything     to harm the economy more than it is already harmed.

“When Dems are in power, problems are put to acts of God or to structural problems.”** Thus, the doom and gloom prediction from the Liberal Press that our economic problems are the fault of America itself saying America’s best days are over, makes it sound as if it has been acts of God that caused the problems. Charles Krouthammer, esteemed political pundit, disagrees. He says our economic problems are acts of Obama. For example, he says our country is ready and waiting to develop our own oil and gas reserves. It is acts of Obama that are keeping us from doing this developing.***

Assuming America’s best days are over and we are truly headed down the great big hill to destruction, what difference does it make if anyone tries to do anything to fix America’s economic problems? So, what’s to fix anyway? Obama, go play your golf. There apparently is nothing that can be done anyway, according to the liberal press. We’re goners.

Folks, if you buy into this tripe, we will be goners. As Americans we cannot give up this easy. We cannot let the Libs bamboozle us this way. According to Lou Dobbs, well known economist, the drop in the Dow is a correction;*** it isn’t Doomsday for America. We cannot be like dumb sheep, turn upside down on our backs, stick our feet in the air, and die. America has faced other major problems in the past. We have won wars that seemed unwinnable. We’ve gone through depressions and recessions worse than what we are going through now. We have had our very foundations of what is right or wrong turned to blowing sand, such as happened in the 1960s but America has remained a strong, vibrant country. We have faced double-digit inflation where the price on goods and services went up daily, such as gas prices are now rising,  but we got through that and have had several years of low-inflationary living.

It’s up to us, folks. Fear can destroy America faster than actual economic bad news. Believe in your heart that America is still the greatest country there ever has been. Live your life believing this. Behave like a proud American. Therein lies America’s strength!

*Rush Limbauh Program — 6/9/2011
** Fox News Poll of 5-6, 2011
***Special Report with Bret Baier, 6/10/2011

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