Open Letter to Donald Trump

by CJFosdick on July 28, 2015

Dear Mr. Trump,

When you entered the presidential race, I became excited. I liked your outspoken approach to problems facing our world today. I liked the fact that you seemed to have ideas for solving these problems — ideas worth listening to. Your flamboyant personality and huge ego, of course, had its appeal, too. There is only one Donald Trump. I found it irritating that so many on both sides of the aisle openly stated you were a clown, that you weren’t serious, that you really didn’t want to be president. I personally took the stand that we needed to wait and see, and mostly listen to your ideas before sending you to the also-rans and discarding you.

As I listened and thought, however, I noticed a trend of yours that I find quite unacceptable. You not only run everybody down as stupid, you single people out saying their obvious accomplishments haven’t been happened, demeaning them, and making them seem to be totally without an ounce of anything to make them eligible to be President of the United States. You even called the members of Congress and Senate dumb and stupid, and without any saving grace, all the while trumpeting your own abilities. Come, Come, Mr. Trump, there are many others in this country with good ideas and a good solid background of things they have accomplished. You are not alone. I see several good people in the Republican field this year that I think would make a good president. Of course, in your eyes, that probably makes me
dumb and stupid, too.

The final straw in my interest in you, Mr. Trump, came when you went on record that you don’t consider John McCain a hero, just because he got captured by the Viet Nam and was held for over five years in their prison camp, being tortured, beaten, and starved by his captors. You definitely stated you don’t like people that have been captured; you prefer people that haven’t been captured. That’s your opinion and you have a right to state it. You went on to state that John McCain has not been a good spokesman for veterans’ rights. In fact you went on and on about how he let other veterans down by not doing more for them, all the while telling us what an awesome president he would be. It made you sound very petty and vindictive, mean-spirited, and thin-skinned. I don’t agree with your evaluation of John McCain. I believe he is a hero.

Mr. Trump, for the record, let me help you with this quandary we are in. No, just because John McCain spent over five years in a North Viet Nam prison camp isn’t what makes him a hero. He is a hero because what he has done with his life since he was released. He didn’t let his terrible experience make him bitter or unfriendly. Although he is said to have anger issues, he apparently has learned to control it because I have followed his political life for years and I have never seen this side of John. I feel he has the anger under control. Yet he is outspoken and tells people what he thinks. He didn’t let the captivity break his spirit. He has pursued an active political career, and has been elected by Arizona since 1986. That was nearly 30 years ago, Mr. Trump. Nearly 30 years of giving back to his country and to his God. It is said that the first thing he did when he was released wat to thank God. These, Mr. Trump are the hallmarks of a real hero.

Now I understand that during the Viet Nam War, you took four exemptions from being drafted to go fight because you were in college. Then after college, you took another exemption for a bone spur in your foot, something I feel sure could have been corrected b an operation. In fact, I bet you haven’t lived all this years with a painful bone spur in your foot. Right?

That’s not important, not at this date. What is important is that if you were elected president, you have to have a modicum of diplomacy. You have to watch what you say and get along with others, not run around and insult others that you may need to get along with later. You don’t need to diminish someone of John McCain’s character just to apparently shock people and make news for yourself. At one time I was thinking I might vote for you if things went that far, but not now, not unless you change your stripes and not be so venomous in how you run others down. Think about it!

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