Part 2: Let’s Not Kill the Buffalo Herds Again

by CJFosdick on March 19, 2013

In today’s America, for the last ten years, politicians have taken a
once robust economy, borrowed massive amounts of money, run up huge
debts with no reserves of money to pay these debts back, and today
continue spending money as if there is no tomorrow. We apparently are
unable to learn from mistakes of the past. You know, Americans once
believed that the buffalo herds would always be with us; the flocks of
Passenger Pigeons would always fly overhead; the Great American Desert
would never get so dry and over used, it would be ruined.

Today, politicians continue spending money with no thought of the
future. We apparently are unable to learn from mistakes of the past.
America still has the richest, most productive economy in the world. It
would be impossible to break this great nation financially, or so many
think. But wait. Just how much debt can we handle? Right now, we our
national debt is over 16.5 trillion dollars. Our budget deficit for the
last four years is over 6 trillion dollars and growing. President Obama
is spending money so fast he has added more to our National Debt than
all the other 42 Presidents have together from the in the past. In
addition our mint is printing new money at a rate of $85 billion a
month. Yes, I said $85 billion new dollars are pumped into the American
economy each and every month. This is a sure fire method of adding
inflation to an already hurting economy, increasing the cost of our
everyday goods and services. In recent polls, 87% of Americans say that
America is spending too much money.

Folks, this cannot continue. Conservatives can clearly see the
onrushing problems with such massive debt. Liberals insist, however,
that America does not have a spending problem, Obama being foremost in
this group. He has said so. He just asked for another $50 billion to pay
for road and bridge repair. It sticks in my memory that the almost
trillion dollar Stimulus Obama had passed in 2009 for shovel-ready jobs
to repair America’s roads and bridges was not spent that way, because in
Obama’s own words, the shovel-ready jobs weren’t shovel ready. He
actually laughed when he told this to the American public. Obama plans
to spend over budget another trillion dollars in 2013, adding yet
another trillion dollars to our national deficit. In the meantime, the
national debt keeps growing. At this rate it is forecast that our
national debt will be 20 trillion dollars by 2020.

This is money that, at sometime, has to be paid back. We Americans can
hide our heads in the sand and pretend we can spend ourselves into
oblivion, or we can join forces with Conservative legislators, encourage
them to stand strong right now, and take steps to curb Obama and the
liberal legislators massive appetite for spending money. We cannot
pretend, as we have in the past, this over-spending can continue
forever. It cannot. We can either continue on blindly until the bottom
falls out of our economy, or we can start putting the brakes on now,
start living within our budget, and do our share in saving America’s
future. It’s up to you and me, friends. Let’s not kill the buffalo herds

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