Part 1: You know what part of your anatomy sticks up when you bury your head in the sand?

by CJFosdick on March 13, 2013

Who Woulda Thunk It?

Americans seem quite good in burying their heads in the sand and
refusing to recognize impending problems until it I is too late. The
buffalo herds that covered American plains in the 18th and 19th century
centuries were so vast that no one could foresee that the buffalo would
become almost extinct from over hunting. “Sportsmen” would even shoot
buffalo from trains, leave the remains to rot, and go on to the next
shoot, no thought that this could not continue forever. Luckily, the
buffalo has been saved from extinction by concerted efforts of
interested people.

Another example is the Passinger Pigeon. Flocks of these pigeons would
blacken midwest American skies for far as the eye could see. Squabs
(baby pigeons) became a delicacy on the east coast and millions were
killed to send east to whet the appetites of those Americans who craved
the PassengerPigeon squab. Who could imagine that these flocks would be
so decimated by hunters that they would be extinct well before the start
of the 20th century, not one bird left.

One more example: The American farmer had no idea how to farm the arid
plains of America’s huge midsection. as they moved west from the Eastern
coast. They continued to farm land in the same way they did in the
wetter, more humid climes of the East. As more and more farmers moved
west and filled the huge “Great American Desert” as this land was
called, the more łhe land itself was over-farmed and resources were not
renewed. If the land got too filled up with people, they moved further
west until there was no more land to fill. The end result of this land
abuse was the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. This was nature’s payback for
years of abuse of the land.

Americans seem quite good in burying their heads in the sand and
refusing to recognize impending problems until they overwhelm us. Our
gross Federal debt has gone up from $15.4 trillion last year to $16.6
trillion today.* We are adding $3.3 billion a day, $2.3 million a
minute, and a shocking $37,829 a second. (Statistics from the Treasury
Department) Since 2003, there has been a 70% rise in Federal spending.
We are borrowing massive amounts of money right now from countries like
China to pay our debts. This cannot continue.

In today’s America, Liberals won’t even admit we have a spending
problem. Their solution — raise taxes and spend more. The end result
will be the less money individuals will have to spend and the more our
National debt will go up. In January, 2013, consumer income is down 3.6%
the largest fall in 20 years. This is good example of what is going on
in our country. Some of this drop happened because the government added
back a 2% payroll tax after a two year hiatus on all Americans at the
first of January. Also taxes were raised on Americans earning more than
$500,000. You see: tax was added; personal income fell. Today the
economy remains almost stagnate and, in my opinion, cannot be continued
to be strained by adding spending and raising taxes. We apparently are
unable to learn from mistakes of the past. You know, the buffalo herds
will always be with us; the flocks of Passenger Pigeons will always fly
overhead; the Great American Desert will never get so dry and overused
it will blow away. Who woulda thunk it possible?

Let us get our heads out of the sand, fellow Americans. Let’s
realize the government needs to live within its means just as
individuals do, and the massive government appetite for spending needs
to be stopped. The result if this doesn’t happen? At some point, America
will have to declare bankruptcy because we do not have the money to pay
our debts. This won’t happen overnight, but will happen sometime if we
don’t quit spending more than we take in with taxes.

This is what is in America’s future! We must stop Obama and the
Liberals from ruining what once was the greatest economy in the world
— the American Economy.

*The difference between the National Debt and the Deficit can be
explained this way: The National Debt is the sum total of money borrowed
from all sources throughout the history of the United States. The
Deficit is a yearly debt that happens because of the difference between
the amount of taxes the United States collects in a year and the amount
of money our government spends. In the four years of the Obama
Presidency, our government has spent over a trillion dollars a year than
taxes it has taken in., a total of six trillion dollars, with another
trillion dollars plus more planned in 2013. The deficit is added to the
National Debt each year. This is money which at some time will have to
be paid back. (Information taken from — US Government

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