Political Conservative: “My, My, Aren’t We the Snob”

by CJFosdick on December 28, 2008

Colin Powell endorses Obama for president
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In a recent interview, (Sunday, December 14, 2008) Colin Powell really put down both rural dwellers and conservative America. Although he proclaimed that he has nothing against conservatives, he made it clear that he holds us country folks in distain and that conservative values have no place in the future of the Republican Party. This should be the main topic of concern for the political conservative like you and me. What Powell is missing is that The Conservative Base IS the cornerstone of what being Republican means. Cut out the conservatives and you destroy the Republican Party. Also, you eliminate the votes of the red states when it comes to the Electoral College, because Conservatism dominates in red states. If you cut out the conservative wing, the Republican Party doesn’t have a prayer of a chance to win in future elections.

Powell justified his stance because he is from a large city and says there are far more urbanites in America than there are country folks. So? Since when does having a population majority mean that those in fly-over country don’t count? I lived in a city for twenty-three years, but have lived in rural America for forty-five years. By choice! I personally feel there is no better place to live. But would it make sense for me to dismiss Republican city dwellers because they don’t live like I do? Powell is so arrogant that he divides us in rural America as unworthy because of where we live. Talk about a snob!

Powell also dismissed Sarah Palin, a bright and rising star in the Republican Party, because she has “too many small-town values.” He said there is nothing wrong with small town values, but apparently he thinks he just doesn’t want them in the Party. Again, dividing us. Pitting one group against another with the implication that small-town values aren’t valid. Is there really that much difference between Republican small-town values and Republican urban values? Since I have lived in both the country and the city, I wonder what Powell thinks I have — small town or city values?   Hmmm!

Powell, your position, if taken seriously will, destroy the Republican Party. The future of the Party lies with the Political Conservative Movement as its base, but also with the more moderate wing of the Party. There is room for everyone. The Republican Party has a big tent. Don’t be such a snob. Don’t divided us!

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