PC Overkill

by CJFosdick on September 5, 2015

As a child, my family treasured words. If we didn’t know the meaning a word, or even if we did, we’d look it up in the dictionary. As a teacher with 33 years experience, regardless of the class I was teaching, I tried to expand my students’ vocabulary. Since I came from a home where vocabulary was emphasized, I came into the classroom with an appreciation of words and a good vocabulary. My family’s philosophy was there is a right word for everything and it is our job to find that word and use it correctly. In addition, reading was a way of life in our family. There is nothing like reading a variety of books to expand one’s vocabulary. After I retired from teaching, I started writing and loved it. Why? One reason, my love affair with words. I enjoy playing with them, putting them together, finding the exact words I want to say what I am trying to say. For me, it’s a continual and ongoing challenge.

So much for my love affair! The PC Police are even busier than I, banning words from public life.  So many words are banned, unsayable, certainly not even to be thought in our minds. Some of the words now unutterable are: America,
America is an exceptional country, and of course God Bless America; illegal, alien, anchor baby, and White lives matter or All Lives Matter; woman, man, mother, father, boy, girl and any other reference to male-female genders.

I’ll explain. First are the words referring to America. Why on earth cannot I say the words, “America” and “American”? Because you see, now I am supposed to say, I am a “Northern European White”.  Nor was it explained what to call our country. I guess I live in a “Northern European White Country” although this was not stated. What utter nonsense. That s not even accurate! There are many people other than white who live in America.” Sorry folks. I was born in America. Most of my relatives did come from Europe centuries ago, but not me. I am American.  My ancestors were white, northern Europeans, but I am not. Yet I am told to not utter that terrible word, “America” because might hurt someone living on our shores who is not American. You know, like some foreigner who either came to that white European country without permission from our Federal Government and stayed, or someone who came legally with a Visa and then remained by overstaying their Visa.

There, that solved that problem. I didn’t say the “illegal” word, nor did I say “alien”. What I did was extra wordy but guess you understood what I mean. Solving the anchor baby quagmire, I would say, women who sneak across the border or come by boat or plane from a foreign country without permission from the Federal Government, and who are not American citizens, have their baby, and then go back to their home. This makes that baby an American citizen because of our Constitution as now written in the 14th Amendment. Again, it is wordy, and to say that several times in a written document would be boring and confusing, but it can done, even if it is overly involved.  Of course I could simplify things by going to acronyms of my own —  “IAs” for those who are now called Illegal Aliens and  “ABs” for Anchor Babies.

As far as signifying that only Black babies matter, this is totally against our Declaration of Independence, backed up by the Constitution of our great country as change by Amendments, and consistent with our Judeo-Christian background for our laws. “All Men” (used here to signify everyone – men, women, etc. as was used for centuries in the English language “All men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator (God) with certain unalienable rights (unchangeable rights), which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You can argue at that date, this meant only white men who owned land, but the Constitution has been amended several times to now include all Americans, white, black, women, and Native American? Wonder what they are to be called? Native white people of Northern Europe?) There, I said that unsayable banned word.

By the way, the 14th Amendment written in the Civil War  ‘ clearly says, “Any baby born is the United States is a citizen of the United States.” It was written to allow any child of a former slave born here in America would be an American citizen. This includes AIs.  My personal belief is that to change this Amendment with just a law not to include IAs as some people today want to do would be totally unconstitutional. It takes an Amendment to change our Constitution of the United States, not just a law.

I told my husband that they (another indefinite pronoun where you have to guess who it refers to) would have to cut my tongue out to keep me from saying the word ‘America” again. God Bless America!

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