Political Economic Issues: Obama’s Healthcare Plan

by CJFosdick on June 28, 2009

Obama’s Healthcare Plan: “Just Give Him a Pain Pill”

Re: Obama’s health care plan, the political issue of the day. Obama answered questions from the audience for over an hour and a half in ABC’s Healthcare Special on 6/26/09. What did I learn? First, the audience was obviously hand picked. How do I know? Because everyone there raised their hand to signify that healthcare reform was necessary. With over 150 in attendance, not one person indicated they felt America’s health care did not need changed. Recent polls show that 70% of Americans are satisfied with their health care and their health insurance; thus, I am sure there would have been at least one dissenter on the need for health care reform.

Many questions were aimed at how Obama plans to pay for his government health care plan, with estimates ranging from $1 trillion to $2 trillion in ten years, many experts indicating it will end up costing trillions more. The president claims he can pay this hefty amount WITHOUT adding to the deficit. For example, he says that 30% of the tests given to patients by doctors are not necessary and this money will be saved. Now who is to say a certain test is not necessary? A governmental bureaucrat? No thank you! I trust my doctor on this and feel most Americans agree.

According to Obama, 27% of a patient’s lifelong healthcare cost occurs in the last year of a patient’s life. He proceeded to give an example: If an elderly patient can benefit from an operation, save that money. Just give him a pain pill instead. PAIN PILL? Just look at how much money is saved with this method of treatment? WOW! I AM IMPRESSED! Why not go whole hog, Mr. President? Save the cost of pain pills, too. Do like many native tribes have done in the past. Just take Grandpa out to die in the elements as the end of his life approaches.  Or if you want to be more humane, change the law to legalize euthanasia and name Dr. Kevorkian Czar of End-of-Life-Decisions, thereby saving 27% of the medical costs of the government program. My opinion? This is barbaric. Talk about torture, Mr. High and Mighty. When you get to be 70, talk to us again about pain pills vs. an operation. Until then, let the family doctor decide what the patient needs, and what medical tests are necessary.

So far, OB has saved 57% of the current healthcare costs. This is still far from paying for the new proposed program. So what else? Obama was very vague on this issue, rambled around a lot saying nothing while promising a lot, and the audience and MCs let him get away with this.

I just heard that this ABC special was the lowest rated program of the night with very few people even bothering to watch it. I watched because I wanted to know what the president has in mind for America. The way I see it, this is just another power-grab of Obama’s quest to control America. That, and he has no idea what he is talking about. See this for what it is — a giant boondoggle. Americans be wary. We don’t want this gargantuan, government economic issue of Obama’s healthcare plan to become law. PROTEST NOW!

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